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About AVG Antivirus Checker

If you are a website owner, the one thing that can give you nightmares is any malware or virus infecting your site. Your website is probably hosted on an internet service provider’s web hosting servers. And you don’t know if there are enough anti-virus measures that have been installed to protect customers’ web sites against malicious attacks.

The computer and internet community knows the menace caused by hackers, malware and virus spreaders. They don’t spare any website and try to enter and destroy websites at will. They have caused damage amounting to millions on various websites, and some of the viruses have gained notoriety like Chernobyl, I LOVE YOU, Code Red, etc.

A virus can attack your computer, your mobile phone and any other device that’s hooked to the internet. Some viruses cause a mild irritation and can be cleaned up easily. On the other hand, some of the viruses are so vicious that they can wreck the computer. That’s why any device that uses the internet needs to be protected against virus attacks. Also, remember that even a USB on which your friend or colleague has copied a video or work item for you could contain a virus which will infect your computer.

Anti-virus software

To fight these viruses that some very nasty people keep unleashing on the internet, anti-virus software applications have been developed. Today if you search for antivirus on the internet you will see some sites that offer anti-virus protection solutions. Some are free, and for the better ones, you have to pay. Also, some are offered with a free-trial period, and if you like it, you have to pay to get the full protection package. AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, Norton are just some of the antivirus software packages that are freely available.

As users keep upgrading their operating systems on their devices, they must use antivirus protection that protects against viruses that may attack those operating systems. For example, a Windows XP antivirus will not work in protecting a Windows 7 environment. Therefore, you must update your antivirus also and have the current version that will provide full protection.

Antivirus on web servers

Web servers should not be mistaken as comprising of just one powerful computer that is hosting websites. A proper web service provider will have some servers that do other tasks asides from hosting websites. Each server in the server has a specific role to perform in managing web traffic and protecting websites against malware, virus and hackers attacks. There are network servers, firewalls, and website servers. All the networks must be operational to provide the service expected from an internet service provider. The network servers are designed and operate to manage the traffic to the web servers; the firewall servers protect against illegal intrusions to the network.

It is the firewall servers that protect the web servers against malware, viruses and hacker attacks and other illegal intrusion attempts. Web hosting service providers do not depend on installing just one antivirus on their setups. They install several protection software applications and hardware. The reason for taking more than just one measure to protect their clients’ websites is that every day thousands of intrusion attempts are made, and a single antivirus will not be sufficient to counter the attacks coming from various sources.

An email service provider will need to protect emails from attacks that target email servers. An internet service provider will have protection against malware, viruses, hackers and illegal intruders. Several layers of protection are required to protect websites. Should a website be hit by a virus or malware, the website owner will take legal action against the web hosting service provider, and that can end up ruining the web hosting service provider’s reputation and financial standing.

AVG anti-virus checker

Over the years AVG has come to be known as one of the leading antivirus solution providers. AVG offers people free trial to try their product, and they keep updating their product regularly. But the free trial is only offered to personal users and not to internet web hosting service providers. The reason for this is that web hosting service providers need a very sophisticated antivirus which is constantly updated to protect the servers.

You can easily check the antivirus that you have installed by looking at the icons in the startup bar. But if you have a website hosted by a web hosting service provider, you should check the protections that are installed on the servers to protect your and other clients’ websites.

You can do this with a very easy to use and handy tool provided by which is called AVG anti-virus checker. Go to the website from your search browser and type in AVG anti-virus and the application will be loaded. Now enter the name of your website. The application should take just a few seconds to return the results.

The application will list all the antivirus protection applications and tools installed on the web hosting servers. Don’t be surprised when you see over 40 antivirus applications installed to protect your website.

Against the name of each anti-virus will be the status. In the status, column will be the clean site, unrated site and in case an antivirus has encountered virus the status will say attacked.

The reason for so many antivirus applications being used to protect web hosting servers is that at any time a virus attack can occur and if multiple antivirus applications are working concurrently, the chances of the virus reaching any website are remote. Don’t forget new viruses are leashed every day on websites. It’s an ongoing battle, and the antivirus applications have to be updated as soon as the antivirus companies are alerted about a new virus. They have to update their applications wherever they are installed.

Web hosting service providers have hundreds of websites using their services, and they cannot be dependent on just one antivirus as that virus may be outdated. Therefore they require multiple anti-virus protection applications.

Go ahead and use the AVG anti-virus tool to check if your website is sufficiently protected.

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