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Improve the quality of your essay and make it appealing with our free essay rewriter. Get high-quality and plagiarism-free essays in no time!

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How to Rewrite Essays Online?

The procedure of rewriting essays becomes easy with an online essay rewriter. You can rewrite a complete essay effortlessly by following the steps shared below. 

  • Submit the text you desire to rewrite on our essay reworder.
  • Select the rewriting mode from the mentioned options.
  • Tap on the Rewrite Essay button to initiate the essay rewriting process.
  • The tool will rewrite your essay and provide you with a unique and engaging version.
  • Copy the rewritten essay and use it in your writing task straightaway.

Improve Your Essay With SmallSEOTools’ Essay Rewriter

Writing inspiring and unique essays helps students earn the appreciation of their teachers. However, poor grammar knowledge, insufficient vocabulary, and time constraints are a few barriers that prevent students from crafting quality essays. 

Submitting low-quality and copied content may offend their instructors, which leads them to face serious situations. Our free essay rewriter tool comes to rescue them in such scenarios. It will be a useful tool for students to improve the quality of their essays and make them engaging straightaway.

This AI-powered essay rewriter provides assistance to college and university students in completing assigned essay writing tasks. The facility will change words in an essay with appropriate synonyms, revise it, and deliver improved content in no time. The best thing about this essay rewriting tool is that it delivers a rewritten essay free from plagiarism and grammatical mistakes. 

Features of AI Essay Rewriter  

Our top-notch essay rewriting tool enables students, freelancers, content writers, and newbies to generate the best quality content in a short span. Here are the key features that make this online essay reworder the best of all. 

  • Multiple Rewriting Modes

Our AI-powered essay rewriter tool has multiple rewriting modes. You can select any of these modes according to your rewriting requirements. Below is a precise overview of each mode.

Smart Spin: In this rewriting mode, our rewrite essay tool will replace complex words with better synonyms to give them a new appearance.

Ultra Spin: In Ultra Spin mode, this tool rewrites 70% to 80% of text and gives you a completely fresh version of the content.

Manual Spin: This mode allows you to control the rewriting process by making changes as per your preferences while following the shared suggestions.

AI Rewriting: In AI rewriting mode, the tool will completely restructure your content and provide you with improved-quality text.

  • Up to 20 Languages 

Besides English, our AI essay reworder supports many other languages, such as French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Turkish, and others. You can rewrite essays in any of the available languages without making any manual effort. 

  • Rewrite Up to 1000 Words  

Unlike many other essay rewriting tools, SmallSEOTools’ essay rewriter free tool gives its users an opportunity to rewrite lengthy essays in a single go. Yes! You can rewrite up to 1000 words at once, ultimately saving your time and effort and getting high-quality results in a short time. 

  • Vast Database of Synonyms 

The essay rewrite tool has a vast database of synonyms and related terms. Once you upload the essay, the utility will change essay words with better synonyms from its database to enhance engagement and make it more readable and engaging.

  • Safe & Secure

Our online rewrite essay tool is based on top-notch and AI-powered algorithms to secure essay rewriting for everyone. The utility guarantees the security of your uploaded text from any unwanted access. Your uploaded text will be erased from the servers once you get the rewritten results. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the secrecy of your content while using this essay rewriter free.

Why You Need an Essay Rewriter?

An AI essay rewriter can help you create plenty of essays without spending much time. Below are major reasons for using an online essay rewrite tool over manual rewriting.  

  • Gives You a Fresh Idea

Struggling with writer's block? No worries. An online rewrite essay tool can help you out in this situation. You can create multiple versions of the same essay within a limited time span. This will support you when you are running short of ideas and lead you to complete the assigned task in a given time.

  • Get Original Content

Plagiarism in any form can ruin students' careers. The AI essay reworder enables you to remove instances of plagiarism from your writing immediately. Simply paste the duplicate text on this tool and get its unique version straightaway.   

  • Ideal For Freelancers 

Freelancers are expected to provide the best quality and unique content. If they fail to satisfy their clients with their submitted content, they may not get work in the future. An AI essay rewriter allows them to remove deficiencies from their written work and enhance the appearance of their content. 

  • Helps You Meet Deadlines

Students and content writers need to submit their given tasks on time to avoid any penalty. Using our free essay rewrite tool, they can generate fresh, original, and 100% accurate essays within a few minutes. This will help them meet their deadlines and protect them from being penalized. 

  • Helps With SEO

The rewritten content generated by the essay rewriter tool enhances SEO efforts and elevates a website’s rank in search engine results. The essay reworder will be a helpful tool for bloggers, website owners, and SEO professionals to produce high-quality content, enhance traffic to their websites, and increase conversions.

Easy Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Essays 

Plagiarism in submitted content destroys students’ reputations. They won't be trusted by their teachers and become a symbol of shame for everyone. Therefore, you must generate fresh and plagiarism-free content to avoid such hassle. The following tips will surely help you avoid plagiarism and craft unique content effortlessly.

  • Rely on Your Skills 

Trusting your abilities and not copying others’ work is the best way to avoid undesirable circumstances. In this regard, using online platforms to get information on assigned topics and learning grammar rules can also help you to enhance your abilities. 

  • Cite the Source 

Giving credit to the source/author of information is vital to prevent charges of plagiarism. Besides, it also shows your sense of responsibility and ethical norms. Therefore, citing the source of any idea or information in your essay is imperative to inform your professor that the idea is taken from another source.

  • Rewrite Text

Writing an essay from scratch is a time-consuming task. But you can reduce your efforts and complete the given task with the assistance of a free essay rewriter. The online facility allows you to restructure an already submitted essay and gives you an entirely new version of the same text in a few seconds. 


  • How Do I Rewrite My Essay Without Plagrizing?

You can rewrite your essay without any instances of plagiarism by using SmallSEOTools’ essay rewriter tool. Simply paste the text or upload the file directly on this tool. It will begin rewriting it and instantly changing words with the most appropriate terms. Copy the rewritten essay and paste it into your writing project.

  • What Is the Best Essay Reworder?

The AI essay rewriter available on is the best online tool for rewording a complete essay or a particular portion of the essay. This utility analyzes the uploaded text and provides a rewritten text that contains no plagiarism or grammatical errors.

  • Is The Rewritten Essay of High Quality? 

Yes! Our AI-powered rewrite essay tool uses advanced technology to provide the best results. The rewritten essays you generate with our tool will be of top quality, error-free and completely unique. 

  • Is It Legal to Use an Essay Word Changer? 

Use of our free essay word changer is completely safe and legal until you are not practising it for fraudulent purposes. Similarly, presenting others' work as your own written essay may also lead you to face serious consequences.   

  • Can Google Detect Spun Content? 

Yes! Google bots are capable of detecting low-quality, robotically appearing spun content. However, an online essay rewriter will assist you in generating human-looking text that you can publish without any such worry.


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