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Use this free spell checker to Identify and correct spelling errors with instant feedback and suggestions. Makes your content error-free in multiple languages.

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How to Check Spelling Mistakes?

The process of checking spelling mistakes has become convenient with the assistance of our online spell checker. Just follow a few simple steps below:

  • Enter the content or upload the text file on this spelling checker.
  • Hit the “Check Spelling” button to start the process.
  • You will see the desired results on your screen immediately.

Free Online Spell Checker By

Mistakes are a part of life; some are quickly forgotten, and some leave a mark. A single mistake in the spelling of a word can change its entire meaning. If your writing contains spelling mistakes, it will create a wrong impression in the reader’s mind. As a result, you will be considered a careless person and face much embarrassment. However, SmallSEOTools’ online spell checker assists you in avoiding spelling errors and producing error-free writing every time. This spell check online tool is based on highly advanced algorithms that quickly detect and correct spelling errors in any text. It automatically scans your writing for any spelling or typo errors and offers useful suggestions to rectify them. 

One Spelling Checker for all English Variants 

The free spell check tool from SmallSEOTools is the perfect option to detect spelling mistakes in all variants of English. Using this free spelling check tool, you can easily identify errors in all major English dialects, including: 

  • US English
  • UK English
  • Canadian English
  • Australian English

How Does SmallSEOTools’ Spell Checker Work? 

Our free spell checker is a powerful and advanced tool that ensures your writing is free from all spelling mistakes. The advanced NLP algorithms enable our tool to process the input quickly and offer the most efficient results. Once you upload the text to our spell check free tool, it will thoroughly scan it for any misspelled or misused words, typos, or severe spelling mistakes and highlight them instantly. Following the suggestions the spelling correction tool shared, you can easily fix all these mistakes and make your writing flawless and inspiring. 

Features of Our Spell Check Tool

SmallSEOtools’ free spell check tool offers an easy way for users to make their content error-free and inspiring for readers. The unique features of this online spell corrector make it an ideal option for its users. The most prominent features of this English spell checker are shared below.

  • Fast & Deep Scanning

The fast and deep scanning feature of our spell checker provides the most reliable and efficient results. Now, you don't need to spend a lot of time scanning the content. Instead, let the spelling checker complete the spell correction process and provide flawless output in seconds.

  • Comprehensive Dictionary

The online spell check tool has a vast library of words, allowing it to identify any misspelled words efficiently. This feature makes our tool the perfect option to ensure the flawlessness of any text. Besides, examining the suggestions will help you expand your vocabulary and knowledge about the basic grammar rules. 

  • Word Comparison 

Our web-based spell checker compares each word of your text with its vast dictionary and vocabulary. Any word in your writing that isn’t available in the dictionary will be considered a mistake. Our tool will highlight such words as a red flag and suggest appropriate suggestions for correction.

  • Accurate Suggestions 

Our spelling check tool is based on AI & NLP algorithms that can quickly find any minor spelling mistakes in your content. This online spell checker provides 100% accurate and efficient spelling correction suggestions.

  • Safe & Secure Spell Check

User data privacy is our top priority, and our online spelling corrector neither stores nor shares your data with any third party. Your uploaded content remains safe and secure after the spell check process.

Mistakes Our Online Spell Checker Can Correct

Our top-notch spell checker is capable of detecting any type of spelling mistake in your writing. Below are the most common spelling mistakes our tool can find and correct.

  • Similar Sound Words

Digging a whole requires extensive effort from labour. Does this sentence seem correct? Obviously no. The right sentence is, “Digging a hole would require considerable effort from labour”. Many writers, especially newbies, make mistakes in using similar-sounding words. However, our free spell checker can help you easily find similar sound word mistakes and fix them effortlessly. 

Incorrect: Many Pupil loves eating rice.

Correct: Many People love eating rice. 

  • Commonly Confused Words 

When speaking, “Hole” and “Whole” are two very similar words, and you may get confused about them. However, they are two completely different words with different meanings. There are plenty of words that seem similar to each other but have entirely different meanings. Using them improperly will change the sentence's meaning and affect the text's readability. 

Incorrect: I wasn’t excepting it.

Correct: I wasn’t expecting it. 

  • Wrong Verb Tenses 

Correct use of tenses helps writers explain an idea appropriately to make it easily graspable for readers. Incorrect use of verb tenses can affect the context of a text. Our spell checker can detect wrong verbs in your writing and correct them without changing the context of sentences.

Incorrect: I walk to my brother’s home yesterday.

Correct: I walked to my brothers’ home yesterday. 

  • Incorrect Prepositions 

Prepositions are small words, but if used properly, they set the tone of the content. Our efficient spell check online tool can autocorrect wrong prepositions without modifying the essential meaning. 

Incorrect: He is capable to performing this assignment.

Correct: He is capable of performing this assignment.

  • Wrong Typos  

Typing mistakes are quite commonly made by writers. This mainly happens when you need to write lengthy content in a limited time. However, these mistakes damage your efforts and make your content less engaging for readers. With our free spelling check tool, you can rectify these mistakes and transform your writing into a masterpiece. 

Incorrect: Mr. Shaw is our school principle.

Correct: Mr. Shaw is our school principal. 

  • Syntactic Mistakes 

Syntactic errors refer to errors in sentence structure that can lead to problems in understanding an idea. Faulty sentence structure may damage your intended idea and cause issues for readers in understanding what you desire to convey. But you can easily find such mistakes in your writing using our spell checker online. 

Incorrect: “He enjoys reading cooking and watching movies.”

Correct: “He enjoys reading, cooking, and watching movies.” 

  • Lexical & Phonetic Errors 

A phonemic error occurs when you create a well-formed phoneme of the language but not one that was intended by the listener. Many writers often make this mistake while sharing information or ideas because of poor vocabulary. Our AI-powered spell checker performs a quick spell check and corrects phonetic errors in your writing. 

Incorrect: I bot a car.

Correct: I bought a car. 

  • Split & Merge Issues 

Splitting and merging words in a sentence is a critical task. A minor mistake can change the sentence's meaning and give readers an entirely different idea. That’s why it is essential to ensure your written text is free of any split and merge issues. 

Incorrect: Everyday, I go, for a morning walk.

Correct: Every day, I go for a morning walk. 

Who Is This Spelling Check Tool For?

The online spelling check tool aids people from all fields of life in managing reports, business letters, bank statements, invitations, etc. The most common users of this spelling checker include:

  • Students

Finding and correcting spelling errors in lengthy academic assignments is often challenging for students. An online spell checker enables students to instantly detect all kinds of spelling errors in their writing. In addition, the spelling correction tool provides appropriate suggestions to aid students in producing engaging resumes and cover letters.

  • Professors

Individuals associated with teaching are often required to check their students’ assignments and highlight mistakes. However, detecting minor errors in each student’s work is a laborious job that requires extensive time and effort. The assistance of an online spelling corrector enables professors to find & fix wrong spellings in a lengthy text by saving their time and effort. Moreover, professors need to create reports and notes regularly to provide useful content to their students. They can quickly analyze detailed reports and fix their mistakes in no time.

  • Freelancers

Freelancers need to communicate with different clients regularly. Spelling errors in their pitches can negatively impact clients and raise questions about their credibility. The online spell check tool can help them ensure that their text is free of spelling mistakes to avoid embarrassment.

  • Website Owners

Content is the most vital part of a website that engages an audience. That’s why website owners must take possible steps to make their content error-free and appealing. The online spell checker is the perfect option to correct misspelled words and maintain the quality of their content.


  • How Do I Check My Spelling Mistakes?

You can check spelling mistakes in any text with the online spelling check tool. Simply copy and paste your content in the given box and click the button. The spell check results will quickly appear on your screen, along with suggestions.

  • Does this Spell Checker Highlight All the Spelling Mistakes in My Content?

Yes! The automatic spelling checker instantly highlights any misspelled words, wrong typos, or similar sound words in the text. 

  • What Language’s Mistakes Can Be Checked with This Spelling Check Tool?

This online spell check tool will correct spelling errors in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Korean, Italiano, Français, Português, Español, Deutsche and 中文. 

  • Does This Spelling Check Tool Store My Data?

Not at all! The content you upload on this spell checker will never be stored, viewed, or shared for any reason. Moreover, the data you upload will be removed as soon as the spell check process is finished.


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