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Compress PDF files online with our PDF compressor in just three simple steps, 1) upload PDF, 2) Click on the “Compress PDF” button, 3) Simply Download.

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Compress PDF by using easiest PDF compress Tool

How To Compress PDF Files?

The following quick steps mentioned below allow you to compress PDF in seconds.

  • Select a file to compress:
  • To upload, just drag-and-drop your PDF file in the box above or upload your PDF to a PDF compressor by ( selecting from Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive)
  • Click the “Compress PDF” Button to Start:
  • Now click on the “Download” button to save your Compressed PDF file.
  • Download your file, Rename and Select a location to save

Continue to Compress your next PDF document if needed.

How Does The Compression Process Work On A Free PDF Compressor?

The compressor starts its processing to reduce PDF file size without eliminating any of the elements of the document, maintaining the original formatting and its original quality. The best solution to this problem is simpler than you might first think, the online PDF compressor takes the file, scans its repetitive data patterns, and removes unique identifiers to remove the repetition.

Your pictures, charts, and illustrations will remain safe throughout the process. This is how the compressor optimizes your PDF into a smaller size and enables you to benefit from the advantages of working with a light PDF file.

The PDF file size reducer reduces the time spent on file uploading and cuts down the extra size of your PDF files. 

Compress PDF File Without Losing Quality

You don’t need to worry about losing the quality of your PDF files with the PDF compressor. Our decrease pdf size tool provides a reduced PDF file without affecting the original quality. The advanced compression algorithms of the compress PDF tool can shrink PDF size while keeping its quality intact. Now you don’t need to worry about losing the quality of your PDF files with the PDF reducer. 

Key Features of PDF Compressor

The top-notch features that make this compress PDF tool stand out from other available online tools include the following:

  • No Registration Required

The PDF compress utility doesn’t ask you to go through the hassle of the registration procedure. You can compress PDF files with this online PDF size reducer on the go.

  • Compatibility

You won’t face compatibility issues while using this online PDF size reducer. Its super-compatibility with all operating systems makes it easily accessible from anywhere. Whether you are using an Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux device, you can easily access and use this PDF compressor online without any trouble. 

  • Free of Cost

This compress PDF tool doesn’t ask you to pay a single penny to reduce PDF size. You can use this PDF file size reducer whenever you want, free of cost.

  • Unlimited Usage

You won’t face any restrictions in the usage of this PDF reducer. It allows you to compress as many PDF files as you want without imposing any limitation on its usage. 

Reduce PDF File Size Online

You don’t need to install a specific software program or plugin to reduce PDF size with our PDF compressor online. This compress PDF utility doesn’t ask you to get a specific device to reduce PDF size online. You can access the PDF compressor by connecting your device to a stable internet connection. Whether using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, or any other web browser, you won’t have difficulty accessing this online PDF size reducer.

Possible Ways To Reduce PDF Size

You could try several online tools to shrink PDF files. But at the end of the day, only some will work. This is because the elements are in the file; You can PDF reduce size by cutting out things like pictures or entire pages of your document. But you know this doesn’t solve the problem because it will cost you the loss of valuable information. 

However, You can try this online image compressor that helps compress your complete PDF file, including all its elements.   

About PDF File

It has been argued that PDF files are the best thing to happen to mankind. When you think about it, PDF files provide a lot of value. First of all, it offers a very revolutionary solution to common problems – problems that have disturbed people for a long time.

PDFs solve a problem by providing universal formats. As more and more of our everyday lives moved online, there was a need for a uniform file format that: could be easily accessed by everyone, opened by most programs and stayed consistent through all of its various forms.

It may be not easy to accept that PDF files are that important. But imagine what things would be like without PDFs to put things into perspective. How would you read eBooks? How would you download exclusive newsletters? How would you share files with your friends and colleagues?

Internet sharing of large-sized PDF files.

Large PDF files defeat the whole purpose of PDFs on a fundamental level. For example, large PDFs cannot be opened universally. Network and connectivity problems can cause difficulty in sending and receiving large PDF files. You cannot send large-sized pdf by email; neither can you share them with friends on social media, nor can you publish your PDF documents on web pages. Most email servers and social media messenger limit file size to 25 Mb - 50 MB. The DPI issue of a large-sized PDF file while scanning and uploading files to the web and email is also an issue.

Additionally, not all programs can seamlessly open large PDF files, and some of them will usually lag when you try to launch them. You can try our online image compress tool that helps you to compress your larger-sized PDF files in KBs.

Large-sized PDFs: The Bad Things

Reading all of these beautiful things about PDF files can often trick you into believing that they are perfect and flawless. Unfortunately, they are not. PDFs have a single problem with them that threatens to unravel all of their advantages. But before we go into that, do you remember the last time you created a PDF file with pictures? If you had a lot of pictures in the file, chances are it was huge. The pictures do not make PDFs smaller. Instead, they increase the size significantly. Every picture you add to a PDF file will bring its file size. Now, imagine your file had other elements as well—elements like graphs, charts, and illustrations. Your PDF will be as large as 50MB at this point.

The reason it feels like the program you usually use Compress PDF to 100kb or less is that most PDFs contain words only. Words are some of the lightest characters in computing. Pictures and illustrations, on the other hand, are not.

Secure PDF Compression

You can conduct safe and secure PDF compression with our online PDF compressor. This online PDF compress utility doesn’t store the files uploaded by its users. Your data remains in safe hands when you choose this compress PDF online tool. You won’t lose any information from your file during the PDF compression process with this PDF size reducer. 

  • Is this PDF Compressor Tool Safe?

Yes! This PDF compressor ensures the top-level safety of its users’ data. Your file gets automatically deleted from the servers of the PDF compressor online as soon as the compression process is completed—this tool neither stores nor shares your uploaded PDF files with any third-party source

Note: Now reduce your PDF files to the following sizes

Compress PDF to 100KBCompress PDF to 200kbCompress PDF to 300kbCompress PDF to 500KB



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