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Age Calculator

Age calculator online helps you find your age from date of birth or interval between two dates. Calculate age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

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About Age Calculator (How old am I?)

The age calculator on SmallSEOTools is an intelligent utility that lets you find age of a person, building, or anything. If you're asked how old are you? Easily calculate age from date of birth and answer it in terms of years. But when you want to know your age in weeks, months, or hours, there is no better way to find it except by using our date of birth calculator. 

Age calculation can be done in various ways since different cultures have different ways. Our age calculator online uses the conventional American and European methods and relies on the birth date. You can also use this tool to determine the contract's expiration date. Simply add the contract's start date to see how much time is remaining until it expires. Users only need a good internet connection to use this free tool on any device or operating system.

How to calculate age from date of birth?

Our online age calculator determines your exact age and answers the queries like How old am I today? and How old are you? No need to memorize the age calculation formula. Simply follow the steps given below to calculate age.

  1. Select date of birth (year, month, and date) 
  2. Select a date from the past, present, or future to make age calculations
  3. Lastly, hit the "Calculate Age" button. The results will be displayed on your screen in a blink.

How does our date of birth calculator work? 

This dob calculator is developed with advanced algorithms that solve your problem of finding the age between two dates. They have made it possible for users to calculate age as on date at any specific time. It's a super-fast tool that generates results for every user. Besides being quick in nature, the date of birth calculator provides accurate results as per the details entered by the users. The age calculator online doesn't ask users to undergo tedious signup procedures. There is no need to link your social media accounts or add your email address to use our birth calculator. 

How old am I in days/weeks/months?

Our birth year calculator uses a range of time units to answer individual questions like "How many days old am I?" “How old was I on this date” “How old is my baby” "How old is someone?" and so on. The tool provides extensive details related to the dates entered by the user, which include:

  • Age in months
  • Age in weeks
  • Age in days
  • Age in hours
  • Age in minutes
  • Age in seconds

Date Formats:

There are various patterns of writing the date. Our online age calculator supports standard age formats to calculate your age or duration between two dates. 

US Date Style:

The US date formatting represents the Month, day, and year sequence with slash, period, or dash.

  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • mm.dd.yyyy
  • mm-dd-yyyy

European Date Style:

The European date formatting represents the day, month, and year sequence.

  • dd/mm/yyyy
  • dd-mm-yyyy

International Date Style:

With respect to the standard date format as defined by IOS 860, the age is written as:

  • yyyy-mm-dd

Get the Exact Age Detail as on Date

The top-notch feature of the year calculator on SmallSEOTools is that it allows the users to get the exact age detail on any date. You are not limited to calculating age only on today's date, as we do not fix it. You can alter the date as you like and find the age between the two dates without hassle. The birthday calculator processes the specified dates chosen by the user as they hit the calculate button. The whole process doesn't take more than a couple of seconds, and the users are provided with accurate age detail without investing time or money.

Calculate to Know your Day of Birth

We all know the date, month, and year we were born, but have you ever wondered what the day of your birth was? Whether it was Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? If you are unaware of it, there's no need to scratch your head anymore, as our date of birth calculator is available to resolve your query. You can find the exact day of birth with the dob calculator in a couple of seconds.

Calculate your Age to Future Date

The birth date calculator lets you calculate age from date of birth to any year in the past or future. If you want to know how old you will be in the upcoming years, you can use this tool and get results instantly. For example, by quickly adjusting the dates on this dob calculator, you can find out how old you will be in 2030.

Who Can Use the Online Age Calculator?

The online age calculator by year can be used by people working in various domains. The top uses of this age counter are discussed below.

Admission Offices

Using the exact age calculator at admission offices is necessary to determine the correct age of the students enrolling in a specific program. There is a certain age limit for the students who can obtain a seat for particular programs. Admission offices can utilize the birth calculator to ensure that students' age lies within the limit.

Government Organizations

Government organizations often have to deal with the personal details of individuals. Therefore they ensure that the right DOB and current age have been entered. The age calculator by date of birth is a helpful tool to rely on in this scenario, as this facility ensures accurate results.

 HR Faculties

The HR faculties in every organization are responsible for recording all the data relevant to their employees. When recording an employee's age, it wouldn't be wise to manually count the years from the day of birth, as it consumes ample time and there are chances of inaccuracies. Therefore, the HR faculties can get their hands on the birthday calculator to effortlessly calculate the ages of as many employees as they want without any restrictions.


How Old Was I On this Date?

To check how old you were on a date in the past or how old you would be on a specific date in the future, you can use this age calculator online by date of birth or select the date at which you want to check your age and get accurate results instantly. 

If I Was Born in 2004, How Old Would I Be in 2025?

If you were born in 2004, you would be 21 years old in 2025. 

When Was I Born if My Current Age is 25 Years in the Year 2023?

If your current age is 25 in 2023, you were born in 1998.

How Old Am I Today If I Was Born in the Year 1960?

If you were born in the year 1960, then you are 63 years old today.

How to Calculate Age from Two Dates?

If you want to calculate your age from two dates, you can use this DOB calculator. Set the correct dates from the given tabs to check how old are you at a specific time.

What is the Chronological Age?

Chronological age is an individual's age from a specific date to birth. Use the chronological age calculator to determine your age based on any date or "What is my age, right now?".

How Can You Figure Out How Old is Someone?

Use the age counter to figure out how old someone is. Besides using this tool, you can also figure out someone's age by checking their social media accounts, asking their friends, using public records, or bringing up memories.

Who is the Oldest Person Alive in 2023?

According to Guinness World Records, the oldest person alive in 2023 is a Venezuelan man, Juan Vincente Mora. His age is about 113 years. Anyone can use the birthday calculator to know their age. Curious about the factors contributing to such remarkable longevity? Healthy eating and regular exercise might be some of the key elements. Additionally, calculating your total daily energy expenditure can provide insights into the number of calories burned throughout the day, aiding in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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