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XML Formatter

Format your XML code/file with a specific indentation level. To format just copy and paste your XML code.

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XML Formatting - Online Formatter

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a widely used format to transmit your data over the web. The easy to learn structure and simple logics make XML one of the most appreciated methods for transmitting data between a server and a device. However, what is XML format?, the extensive length of XML makes it a little difficult for a person to understand the code written by another developer. But, the use of an effective online XML formatter can assist you in overcoming this problem. You can simplify your XML code with a few clicks.

The utility available on this site enables you to format your XML without wasting any money on buying a premium tool or installing any desktop application on your device. You don’t need to make any hard efforts or waste time on understanding the code to beautify it yourself. The tool gives you the opportunity to beautify your XML in a matter of seconds without typing a single word.

How To Use Our Online XML Code Formatter?

The process of using our XML Formatter online tool is simple and straight. The following easy set of instructions will allow you to simplify your XML in no time.

  1. After accessing this page, you will see a box where you need to upload your XML by simply copy/pasting it. You can also upload your XML file from your device directly by clicking on the “Upload” button.
  2. Once you are done with it, click on the “Format XML” button to start the processing.
  3. That’s all! You will get the desired XML formatting results within a few seconds.

Key Features Of Our Xml Formatter

Easy to use:

The well-structured layout and clear instructions make this utility simple to use. You are not required to have special skills to format your XML on this online facility.

Format XML File Quickly:

You don’t have to waste hours to format your XML anymore. Even a few online utilities also take a huge time to provide you with accurate results. But, this tool gives you the possibility to simplify your XML within a matter of seconds. To quickly beautify your XML code try online XML beautifier which helps you to beautify your minified XML code.

Support all Operating Systems:

The XML Formatter offered by SmallSEOTtools works equally exquisite on all the devices. Whether you have a smartphone, Mac, or desktop, you can easily access this online facility.

No registration:

Most of the free tools over the web usually impose limitations on users to make an account on their site for using free services. However, the online XML Formatter offered by this site doesn’t have any such restriction. You can use this online facility without going through a boring and hectic sign-up procedure.

Free of cost:

You are not required to pay a single penny to anyone or buy a premium membership for using this free XML formatter, as you may have to do while using other online tools. This online utility is entirely free to use, and you can format as many XML files as you desire without any limit.

What Can You Do With Our Xml Formatter?

To change XML file format Our online XML tool assists you in formatting the indentation level of your XML within no time. You can perform the following functions on your XML with this online facility.

Remove White Spaces:

The has the ability to detect all the white spaces in your XML instantaneously, and discard it without requiring any assistance from a professional

Collapse empty elements:

Another significant advantage of using this online facility is that you can remove all the empty elements that are making your code complex with a few clicks on your device.

Format attributes on one line or multiple lines:

This XML code formatter also allows you to format the attributes in your XML code as per your requirement easily. You can format it into single or multiple lines by using this free facility.

Convert long lines into short lines:

You may have an idea that XML code may consist of long lines that are difficult to read and understand. Now, you can convert all these long coding lines into small and understandable length with our free XML Formatter.

User Privacy Is On Top

One of the biggest concerns that everyone has while uploading confidential data over the web is Security. People believe that online utilities are not safe to use, and their information may get hacked easily. Well, you don’t need to get worried about the secrecy of your confidential XML code while using our online facility. No third party can get access to the data you upload on our online tool in any case. Also, the code you upload on our XML utility will be removed from our servers as soon as the processing is over. So, you can utilize this facility without any fear and format as many XML files as you desire.


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