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XML Beautifier

Try XML code beautifier to gives your code proper indentation level. Make your minified XML code more readable.

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Beautify XML Online

It’s essential for developers to make their XML file readable for other colleagues so that they can easily understand it. Therefore, the process of beautifying XML has to be executed by the developers, but it involves several hurdles. While beautifying XML, the developers have to focus on adding indentations without disturbing the accuracy of the code, which becomes a quite time-consuming task for them. Therefore, SmallSEOTools has come up with a solution for the people who want to beautify XML files without any hassle. The XML beautifier is the tool developed by our experienced developers to make the process of beautifying XML files a piece of cake for everyone.

Manual Way Vs. Online XML Beautifier

Technology has always proven itself to be better than the conventional methods of handling several tasks. Let’s compare the XML beautifier utility with the manual way of beautifying XML files.

Save Time:

Relying on the manual method to beautify XML will cost you an ample amount of time, as you will have to perform the whole indentation process on your own. However, the XML prettify tool will just take a couple of seconds and present you with a beautified XML file.


The XML code beautifier will provide you with 100% accurate results without making any changes to your code. Whereas, with the manual method, you will have to make sure that the accuracy isn’t disturbed during the beautifying process.


If you are a beginner, you might need to take professional assistance for understanding how to beautify XML files manually. But there is no need to learn any skills when it comes to beautifying XML files.

How to Beautify XML with our Online Tool?

The online XML beautifier on SmallSEOTools is an easy to use tool that doesn’t let its users go through any intricacies or technicalities. This online utility's super-efficient interface allows the users to beautify XML files in a couple of clicks. You can follow the simple set of instructions given below to make it pretty XML files with this XML code beautifier.

  • As you will access this tool, you will find a box where you can paste the XML code or use the upload button to browse and open the XML file.
  • After uploading the file, you have to click on the Beautify XML button.
  • As a matter of instance, the beautified XML file will be displayed on your screen. The users are given the option of copying the code or downloading the file on their device.

How Does our XML Beautifier Tool Work?

The XML beautifier online tool allows its users to beautify XML files on the go. The users won’t be asked to go through the hassle of the registration process. There is no need to sign up or log in for using this tool. There are no charges involved with the usage of this online service. Whether you want to beautify a single XML code or multiple files, the tool will not restrict you or ask you to pay a penny. This XML prettify utility can be accessed from any corner of the globe at any time of the day. Since it’s a web-based tool, the users can use it on desktop as well as on their smartphones.

Uses of our XML Code Beautifier

The XML code beautify tool service has multiple uses. Some of the best uses of this XML beautify tool are as follows:


At times, several people might be working on a single XML file. The tool utility can be used to perform consistent beautifying throughout the document. This will allow the people to easily scan and understand the XML code.

Readability of XML Code:

As your minified XML code will be turned into a pretty and clear one with this XML beautification, the code will become readable for everyone, And if you want to give the specific indentation level to your code use online XML Formatter

Editing Becomes Easy:

You might have to make changes to your XML file several times. If you don’t want to waste time in understanding the obfuscated code lines, then this XML beautifier is all that you need to prettify any XML file in a matter of seconds.


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