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smallseotools online WordPress theme detector is the best tool for detecting themes and plugins for any WordPress site.

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About WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and widely used website building tool in the world today. It is a free and open source content management system. To build a website in WordPress, it must be installed on a web server. The web server could either be hosting internet websites or network hosts. WordPress is the most popular website management and blogging systems in use on the World Wide Web today. There are more than 60 million websites that are using WordPress in the world of the internet today. A website developer does not need to have any web programming skills to setup a website using a WordPress theme. In case a website developer faces any problems in setting up the website. He or she can view WordPress tutorials on YouTube. From basics to advanced lessons on WordPress have been uploaded on YouTube.

WordPress Themes

WordPress in the early 1990s recognized the growing market for people to express themselves on the internet. They launched the WordPress application, and a person could visit their website, select a theme and start a blog site. WordPress would also host these websites. With the enormous demand WordPress decided to discontinue this practice and now you have to pay a nominal amount to use this amazing website building tool.

If you want to build your website and don’t have any computer knowledge, you could do this by using WordPress. Yes, that’s how easy it is for a novice to build and manage a website. You buy the domain name for your website and get an internet or web hosting service provider to host your site. You must make sure that the hosting service provider provides WordPress in the tools to build a website. After that, you log in to your website as the administrator, select the theme you want for your website and place your content in it. You can preview your website, and when you are ready to launch it, you do file transfers and take it live.

Today there are thousands of WordPress themes that users can select to build their websites on. A user can select, download and install a WordPress theme, and if he or she doesn’t like the theme can change it. A user does not need to know HTML or PHP or any other programming language to setup a website using WordPress.

There are thousands of free WordPress themes that users are free to use. Asides from this there are WordPress themes that a user can purchase and use. It takes minutes to get a website up and running in WordPress as long as the website owner has the content ready to load on the website.

What started as a free tool for bloggers to use to write and publish their blogs on the internet is now being used to host some top ranking websites. A website builder can search for best WordPress themes in Google and can visit the sites that list these themes. If the website developer wants a responsive theme, he or she can search for best free WordPress responsive themes and select a theme from there.

If the website is going to be a blog site, the webmaster can search for responsive WordPress blog themes.

The themes have been categorized like; art, architecture, blog, fashion, photography, news, magazines, etc. to make it easier for website masters to select a theme from the category that their website belongs to. Of course, there are no restrictions, and any theme can be selected and used. There are WordPress premium themes which have to be purchased to use. Every WordPress theme has been tailor made and has their inbuilt features and functionality.

Recognizing the growing internet use on mobile phones, some WordPress themes support mobile phone capabilities. It means that a webmaster does not have to worry about how the website will look and behave when accessed on a mobile phone.


Plugins are an important element of WordPress architecture. Currently, there are over 50,000 plugins that users can use to tailor the functionality and features of the website. For example, if a theme does not have a slider feature, the user can download and install a slider plugin. Plugins are an important feature of WordPress themes, and some plugins are automatically downloaded and installed when a user installs a theme. Plugins play a major role in the functionality of WordPress themes.

WordPress Theme Detector

If you like the website and come to know that the site is using a WordPress theme, you would be curious to know which theme it is. You can easily find this out by using WordPress theme detector. From your search browser go to the website and scroll down to the ‘WordPress theme detector icon; or just copy/paste in a tab of your search browser. Enter the domain name or URL of the website and press ‘Submit.’ Within seconds the application will display the details of the WordPress version of the website and its theme details.

  • Theme Name
  • Theme homepage
  • Description
  • Author
  • Author homepage
  • Tags
  • Version
  • Theme screenshot.

The information of the WordPress theme is very comprehensive, and now the user knows exactly the name of the theme and all its details. He or she can now search for it on their WordPress sites and download install and use it. You can use this free and handy tool to detect the WordPress theme of several websites. It gives you a wide open field to select the WordPress theme that you want to use for your website.

WordPress, to date, is the leading and the easiest tool to use to setup and manage a website. Once the website is up, the webmaster can access it as the administrator and update the contents of the site. Webmasters can also change the theme while the site is live on the internet. Select the new theme and install it, preview it and if you like what you see, save it. Now your website will be visible in the new theme.


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