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Looking to add new songs from SoundCloud to personal music library? Are you finding a download button on this audio distribution platform? If your answer is positive, you have landed at the right place. With this SoundCloud to Mp3 downloader, you can download SoundCloud songs and audio tracks.

SoundCloud is a hangout for backyard bands and indie kids. It is a reliable place to discover new music. The Berlin, Germany based website is an online platform to share music. Users can upload, share and promote audio.

Key features of SoundCloud songs downloader include:

  • The ability to access a file through unique URLs. With these links, you can embed sound files in Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • You can see graphical waveforms that depict audio tracks.
  • Users can post timed comments of a particular portion of each track.
  • Users can create playlists to get likes and promote their work.

Several artists prefer this platform to release their music before releasing it ton Spotify, Apple Music, and other sites. So, almost all of your favorite music is available there. But there is one drawback – you can’t download all your favorite tracks.

Some people consider browser extensions to download their favorite songs from SoundCloud, but extensions can decrease the speed of your browser. In this situation, you can get the advantage of SoundCloud audio downloader. You can find new music, download SoundCloud songs you love, and listen to your favorite tracks on the go.

Our downloader is free for everyone. Feel free to download a song as per your convenience without any subscription.


Our SoundCloud songs downloader uses a particular API that can work on SoundCloud. Unlike plugins and extensions, our downloader:

  • can work without installation
  • Instead of decreasing the storage space of your device, you can use this online tool.
  • You can download your favorite songs only using their links.
  • You can enjoy the downloaded music offline as per your convenience

Our team is consistently working on this tool so that you can expect some exciting features in the future.


Our tool can be an easy method to download your favorite music. You can use it without installing any software or plugin. You have to copy the URL of a song from your browser and move to our downloader to download a song. With a browser extension, you can download songs without worrying about malicious software. Here are some simple steps to follow.

Step 01: Find your favorite track you wish to download from SoundCloud. Copy the URL of a song from the address bar at the top of the browser.


Step 02: Head to the SoundCloud audio downloader of Small SEO Tools.

Step 03: Paste the URL and hit the “Submit”button to download.


Step 04: You have to pass the Captcha by selecting the right images or typing the words.

The SoundCloud music downloader will start its work and download your favorite song within a few minutes.

It is important to know that a few artists don’t want the free download of their tracks. They want to sell them on different platforms. If you like the work of an artist, make sure to visit his/her official page to buy his/her music. The SoundCloud music downloader is suitable to download online tracks, music, and songs in MP3 format. With this downloader, you will only download those tracks that have permission to download by track owner.

Frequently Asked Questions about SoundCloud To MP3 Downloader

Do I need a subscription to use SoundCloud downloader?

Answer: No, you can use this downloader without any subscription. This web-based tool is available for every device.

Q: DoesSoundCloud Downloader work on smart devices?

Answer: Our SoundCloud music downloader is a web-based platform. It is suitable for every operating system, such as mobile, tablets, iPhone and Android devices.

Q: Can I download every SoundCloud song with this tool?

Answer: Yes, you can download each track, but it is not possible to download the copyrighted track. If a song is banned for free download from the publisher, we will not support its download. You will need special permission from publisher or artist to download a copyrighted track.

Q: Where do my SoundCloud downloads go?

Answer: You can find them in your default folder that you set up for downloads. You can check this location to get your downloaded files.

Q: Does this downloader store record of my downloaded data?

Answer: No, our downloader doesn’t store your data. We only help you to download your desired music. We don’t keep records of your download histories.


We have designed this SoundCloud audio downloader for entertainment purpose only. Our tool doesn’t encourage you to download a copyrighted song. You can download SoundCloud songs and listen to them whenever you need. However, we don’t promote the use of these songs for commercial benefits without the consent of the artists themselves. If anyone is doing this, we DO NOT take any responsibilities.

We suggest our users download non-copyrighted songs for their personal entertainment. We don’t take any liability for copyright infringement occurred by the use of this tool.

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