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Sales Tax Calculator

Our online Sales Tax calculator provides you with the easiest way to calculate sales tax in a few seconds. You are not required to pay a single penny for using this online sales tax calculator.

Sales Tax Rate

About Sales Tax Calculator

The innovation in technology has made it easier for all of us to perform various calculations without any hesitation and ambiguities. The use of a sales tax rate calculator is a great help in calculating multiple types of sales tax rate without making complex and tedious calculations yourself.

This tedious process required a lot of time and effort, and the chances of errors still remained in that method. But, with an online sale tax calculator, you can get accurate results within a fraction of seconds, and without paying any cost. Plus, you don’t have to take help from a professional to make all the calculations, as a few clicks on your device will enable you to use a sales tax calculator.

How To Calculate Sales Tax?

You can use our online Sales Tax tool to calculate the tax without going through any hassle. Calculating sales tax has never been easy before. Our sales tax calculator helps to solve the question of how to find sales tax?. This online sales tax calculator tool will allow you to evaluate the tax within a few seconds.

The following simple steps will enable you to use our online sales tax straightforwardly.

  • Enter the amount for which you want to calculate the sales tax in the given box.
  • You will find two options at the top. Choose “GST Inclusive” if you want to add GST

otherwise, select “GST Exclusive.”

  • Now, enter the sales tax percentage as per your state or country’s law in the given box.
  • Once you are done with that, select your city, zip code, and country from the given lists.
  • That’s all required from your side. You will get the accurate sales tax results within no time.

Exclusive GST

The value of the product by deducting the GST amount from the GST Inclusive value of the product is known as Exclusive GST.

Inclusive GST

The total value of the product after including the GST amount in the product’s cost is called Inclusive GST.

Enter The Following Information To Get A Calculation

The following inputs are required from you to get the accurate results from our online Sales Tax calculator.


The total amount on which you want to calculate the value of sales tax is essential to enter in the box provided.

Sale Tax Rate

Different states and countries have a different ratio of the sales tax rates that will be applied to the total amount. So, you are supposed to enter the tax rate as per your state or country rules to get accurate results

ZIP Code, City & Country

As mentioned earlier, various states or countries may differ in the sales tax percentage applied to the total amount. So, it is essential for you to enter your city, country, and zip code to get accurate results. You can easily calculate sales tax by zip code.

How Does This Sales Tax Calculator Work?

Our online Sales Tax calculator gives you the opportunity to calculate the sales tax without following any hard and fast rules. You can simply enter the required values like amount, city, state, etc., and you will get the error-free results within a blink of an eye. A few taps on your device will enable you to calculate the sales tax on our sales tax online calculator.

There is no need to use any other tool or perform manual calculation for finding the sale tax ratio applied to your total amount. Our online tool is the best option that you can find over the web to calculate sales tax.

Sales Tax Rates Varies in Different Countries, Cities, and States

As discussed earlier, the governments of states or countries usually decide the ratio of sales tax that will be imposed on the total amount. That’s why it is essential to understand here that you cannot use the same percentage for calculating the sales tax in different regions of the world. But, you don’t need to get worried, as our online tool allows you to calculate tax without any complexity.

What Is Sales Tax?

The tax imposed by the government on the sales of goods and services is known as sales tax. The sales tax is collected by the vendor and delivered to the government. A company is accountable for sales taxes in a given jurisdiction. The state rules and regulations may also apply to the ratio of sales tax. In simple words, this is the type of tax that businesses levy on clients when they buy goods and services.

Sales Tax is a Combination of Multiple Taxes.

The sales tax includes various types of taxes. For instance, excise tax, retailer tax, and vendor privilege are the most common types of sales tax. The primary purpose of collecting sales tax is to generate revenue that can be used by the government for constructing roads, educational institutes, and to complete other progressive projects.


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