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About Resize Image to 20KB Tool

The resize image to 20KB tool on SmallSEOTools is here to help you resize large-sized pictures causing storage issues. You can rely on this facility to reduce images' size to 20KB while adjusting their dimensions. Our image resizer to 20KB won’t affect the quality of your images while resizing them to 20KB. It processes your images through advanced lossless compression to ensure your images stay in their original quality after getting resized to 20KB. 

How to use Photo Resizer 20KB?

The photo resizer 20KB doesn’t make you follow a detailed technical guide. 

It allows you to resize image to 20KB by following the steps given below:

  • Click the Upload button to browse the image you wish to resize.
  • Select the dimensions of the image and output format.
  • Start the process by clicking the “Resize Image to 20KB” button.
  • Hit download to save the 20KB resized image instantly.

Benefits of resizing images to 20KB

Resizing images to 20KB brings various benefits for people in their personal and professional lives. Let’s go through the advantages you can enjoy after resizing photos to 20KB.

  • Improved website performance and loading speed 

A website's performance and loading speed plays a vital role in its success in organic search results. If your website takes too long to load, its ranking on Search Engine Result Pages will remain the same. It’s because people don’t wait on the sites that load slowly and hit the back button, which increases their bounce-back rate. 

The size of images is usually the major reason behind the high bounce-back rate of a website. To overcome this problem, you can resize image to 20KB. After resizing images, your site’s performance and loading speed will improve significantly.

  • Enhanced user experience on mobile devices 

User experience matters a lot for people working in the digital domain. You should provide an optimal experience on your ecommerce store, blog, or website to get much acknowledgement from the targeted audience. You must ensure your web platform is easily accessible to mobile users. You don’t have to do much regarding it, as simply resizing images to 20KB will work in your favor.

  • Easy sharing and uploading on social media platforms

Sharing and uploading large-sized images on social media platforms is not easy for people who don’t have access to a fast internet connection. You may find yourself in a situation where uploading an image on your social media account is inevitable. However, the instability of the network might make you wait for a few minutes or even hours. The best way to overcome this issue is by resizing the image to 20KB. Once your images get resized to 20KB, they can be easily shared through any social networking site without any hassle.

  • Cost savings on storage

The devices with limited storage space don’t allow users to store whatever data they want. You might have also found a need to delete images from the gallery when your device ran out of storage. Instead of deleting pictures, this problem can be easily tackled by resizing images to 20KB. Using a photo resizer to 20KB saves you the cost of expanding your device’s storage.

Secure Image Resizer to 20KB

Privacy is the utmost concern of all users while using an online image editing tool. SmallSEOTools understands this fact and processes users’ data with top-level security measures. The images you upload to resize to 20KB won’t be stored in the databases of our tool. It makes sure to keep your pictures confidential by removing them automatically from the servers once the resizing process gets completed. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the privacy of your images, as they remain safe and secure on this web portal. 


  • How can I resize an image to 20KB?

You can resize an image to 20KB by accessing image resizer to 20KB on SmallSEOTools and following these steps:

  • Upload the image
  • Select dimensions
  • Hit the “Resize image to 20KB” button
  • Download the image with a single click. 
  • Can I resize image to 20KB on mobile and desktop?

Yes! You can resize image to 20KB on mobile and desktop by using the image resizer to 20KB on SmallSEOTools. This web portal helps you in the execution of this task without charging a penny. 

  • Is there a specific image dimension required to achieve a 20KB file size?

No! A specific image dimension isn’t required to achieve a 20KB file size. You can choose image dimensions as per your requirements while resizing it to 20KB with the image resizer to 20KB. 

  • Can I resize an image to exactly 20KB without losing quality?

Yes! You can resize an image to exactly 20KB without losing quality by taking the assistance of the image resizer to 20KB. This tool makes sure to reduce the size of your image by compressing elements that don’t affect its appearance. 

  • What factors should I consider when resizing an image to 20KB?

You need to consider the dimensions and aspect ratio of the image while resizing it to 20KB. These factors are important because the image quality is dependent on them. 

  • Which image editing software can I use to resize image to 20KB?

You can turn the online image resizer to 20KB on SmallSEOTools to resize image to 20KB. It’s a web-based image resizer that processes your request to resize a picture to 20KB or below without installing a software program.


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