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Reduce Image Size in Kb

Reduce image size in kb with the help of our image size reducer for free. 

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Up to 20 images, max 5 MB each

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How to Reduce Image Size in Kb? 

Follow the simple steps below to reduce photo size in kb using our image kb reducer. 

  • Upload or drop the image to the photo Kb reducer. 
  • Choose desired quality and compression type. 
  • Hit the "Reduce image size in KB" button. 
  • Download the compressed image by clicking on the download button.

Image Size Reducer - About

The image size reducer by SmallSEOTools is a web-based utility designed to help people reduce the size of their pictures in KBs. It allows users to reduce the size of multiple images at once. With the assistance of our photo size reducer, you can achieve several benefits, such as saving space on your device and improving your website's performance. This tool is based on advanced algorithms that reduce the size of images without affecting their quality. You can reduce the size of as many images as you desire without facing any restrictions.

What Is an Image File Size?

An image file size refers to how much memory it occupies on your device. It mainly depends on the quality of your image file. A device that stores high-quality images will likely take up much space.

Reduce Image Size in Kb - Why?  

  • Improve Page Speed: 

Large-sized images often take extensive time to load, which drives visitors away from a website. Reducing the image size to KB before uploading to your site will improve page loading speed to ensure a smooth browsing experience.  

  • Hassle-free Sharing: 

Uploading large image files on web-based platforms often becomes challenging due to file uploading limits set by different online portals. Simply reduce image size in KB to overrule such limitations and share image files swiftly.   

  • Storage: 

Massive-sized photos consume a significant portion of your device's storage. Also, storing several large pictures may affect your device's performance. Therefore, using a pic size reducer will enable you to shrink the size of images and store more images without burdening your device's local storage.  

Image Size Reducer - Features  

  • No Premium Membership  

Photo KB reducer on allows you to reduce size of image in KB without spending any money. The users also won't have to go through any signup procedure to reduce kb of image with this free facility.  

  •  Friendly User-Interface 

The image KB reducer has a user-friendly interface that allows newbies to reduce photo size in KB easily. Simply follow the easy steps mentioned above, and photo size reduce to KBs. 

  • Unlimited Image Compression

Have several files to compress? Using this image KB reducer, you can reduce the size of any number of pictures. The users won't be limited to using this free image KB reducer. 

  • Reduce Image Size On Mobile or Desktop

The advanced image compressor on allows you to reduce image size to KB from all devices and operating systems. You can access this facility from your tablet, smartphone, or desktop and reduce Image Size in Kb straightaway. Similarly, the online photo size reducer works excellently on all operating systems like Windows, Android, and IOS. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to reach this free photo reduce tool, and you can easily decrease image size to KB immediately.  


  • How to reduce photo size in kb?

Follow the simple steps to decrease photo size in kb.

  • Upload image.
  • Click on the “Reduce Image Size in kb” button.
  • Select Quality and compression type.
  • Download!
  • Does This Image Size Reducer Cost Anything?

Online Image size reducer allows you to reduce image in KB free of cost. No paid membership is required to access and use this image KB reducer.  

  • How Can I Reduce the Image Size On Mac? 

Simply access this Image reducer on your Mac. Upload the image you want to shrink on this facility and tap the button. Get the reduced-size image in no time.   

  • How to Reduce Image Size in kb On Smartphones?

The free photo size reducer offers you the easiest way to decrease photo size in KB instantly. Follow the instructions shared above and reduce image size in KB straightforwardly. 


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