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Reciprocal Link Checker is a great way to see if specific sites are linking to your site. It helps you to keep check of your reciprocal links to be sure that your links have not been removed.

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About Reciprocal Link Checker

Maintain quality backlinks for your website with this Free Online Reciprocal Link Checker

Keep track of reciprocal or mutual links and save time from manually checking into these individual sites. You can enter up to five domains to check whether your partner websites have not removed the link.

The Reciprocal Link Checker will check a list of websites to verify if they are actually linking back to your domain. This free online backlink checker is extremely helpful for website owners who have large SEO campaign and has acquired link partnership with many websites. They can save a lot of time and energy because with this tool they get the results instantly; it saves them the trouble of going through different websites to manually check for these backlinks.

This free online tool is brought to you by Small SEO Tools. You can use this Reciprocal Checker anytime you like to help you in optimizing your website through reciprocal links.

How to use this Reciprocal Link Checker?

To use this Reciprocal Link Checker, all you have to do is to write your domain name on the space provided and enter the other domains that you want to check for backlinks (you can add up to five domains) on the separate box assigned for partner sites. Then, click on “Check” to show the result.

The backlink checker tool provides the user a quick report on the number of reciprocal links. Maintaining good backlinks to a partner website can help in having a higher page rank because those quality links will be identified by search engines and would lead to improved website traffic. Monitoring of reciprocal links regularly is needed in keeping a good page rank on search engines.

What is a Reciprocal Link?

Using reciprocal link is one of the most popular SEO techniques if you want to get backlinks for your site. Many website owners have established partnerships with other similar websites for link exchanges as this too can help in optimizing their website. But there are also times when some websites remove these links without informing the other website. That is why we have developed this tool to help website owners and webmasters as well as SEO experts in determining if their partner website is still linking back to their website because keeping at least 2 or 3-way reciprocal links exchange to a partner website can give a significant effect on a website.

This Reciprocal Link Checker can help you check if your link partners are still linking back to your website, even without visiting their site. You will also know which anchor text is used by your link partners to link content to your website.

Why are Backlinks important in SEO?

Backlinks have become one of the most important components of SEO because it helps small or newly launched websites in getting higher page ranking because they are linked to a similar website with higher page authority. This is also the reason why it is good to maintain good business partnerships with other website owners that are in the same industry as yours.

Search engines like Google show its users the best search results by ranking sites based on their web page authority. This way search engines will also classify your website as a credible source of information which could also lead to a higher page rank.

How to get Good Backlinks for your website?

  • You must always write quality content. This makes your website a reliable source of information.
  • You can submit press releases to several media websites for redistribution of your content.
  • You can be a guest blogger and write content for popular blogs. This way you’ll get the opportunity to add a link back to your website.
  • Add social media widgets or share button on your web pages; this way, the readers can easily share your content on their social media accounts if they want to.

Why should you use our Reciprocal Link Checker?

We at Small SEO Tools want to provide you the best backlink checker that is why we have developed this highly efficient online tool.

At present, there are so many website owners who are exchanging links to other website owners that are in the same business to help them with SEO. This technique is proven effective in maintaining a good page rank.

Checking websites manually for reciprocal links can be a very tedious task that is why this tool is a great help for website owners, webmasters, and SEO experts.

This free backlink checker is very easy to use, and you get the result in just one click. This tool will show the user all the links that exist on a partner website. You can enter up to 5 URLs (partner websites) to check if the links are still in place.

Why is Page Rank on Search Engines Important?

Search engines like Google normally associate keywords that have been entered by a user on search and shows the websites that contain relevant information about the keyword. These websites are ranked in the displayed result based on the quality and authority of the page.

Search engines use different ranking signals to be able to classify the rank of a web page content. This ranking signals would determine which web pages have the closest data about the keyword used in the search.

There are three components that are used by search engines in classifying page rank; these are as follows:

  • Links
  • Web Content
  • Visitors Behavior

Most search engines work by investigating if the content is of high-quality and the source is credible. They would also compare the links on your website to other sites and checks how visitors react to your content.

Search engines will likely give higher page rank to websites that have reciprocal links to trustworthy websites. On the other hand, if the content has reciprocal links to a website that uses spam link schemes, your website has a high chance of getting flagged. To prevent this from happening, you should avoid spam links.

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