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Pokemon Go Server are Up

How Pokemon Go Server Status Finder Work

Pokémon players do not like interruptions during the game. The fun in playing the game is when there are no issues, and they can play it continuously. In case they cannot play, or if the game freezes while playing, the first thing that they will do is check their network status or the Pokemon Servers Status.

If they are trainees, they will check the Pokemon trainer club server status. has an amazing tool to check Pokemon go server status. It’s an extremely easy tool to use and returns accurate results.

  • Once you visit the link it will automatically start checking the status of the closest available Pokemon go servers based on your real-time location.
  • After processing the result, it will let you know whether the Pokémon go server is Up or the server isn’t stable or down. After looking at the returned results. The player will know about the status of the server.

After getting to know about the server status, you can log in to your account and enjoy Pokemon go online. It has the best discord server Pokemon go for the users to enjoy chat channels. And if the pokemon go not working it will return the Down status.

What are The Reasons Pokemon Go Down In Its Initial Phase?

Instead of sitting in a darkened room and trying to connect with people anonymously to play games, it wasn’t long ago that Pokémon introduced a new twist.

Niantic utilized augmented reality technology for taking out players in the fresh air for the quest to find Pokémon in their neighborhood and other places. It seems to be the new formation of scavengers hunt.

The fantasy of catching virtual Pokémon has engulfed the planet. The game was launched back in 2016, and within a week it helped people to build real-time interactions. Just scroll down the Pokémon Go social media status and other news feeds, and you could see people commenting that it has helped them to get rid of anxiety and depression. You might not believe it, but that is the real reason behind people getting addicted to such games.

The app is utilizing augmented reality technology to superimpose virtual pocket monsters or generally known as (Pokémon). They have introduced Pokestops by selecting specific locations to catch the little pocket monsters.

After its launch, the gaming app became popular within a week. The servers weren’t able to handle such a huge chunk of traffic. And, that resulted in the Pokemon go outage.

Fun Fact: In the initial phase, they were having more active users than Facebook and Twitter. Yes, that’s right!

Is Pokemon Go Down? Check The Live Server Status of Pokemon Go

Small SEO Tools has introduced an online utility to check server status Pokemon go. Our passionate team has developed an amazing online utility to check if the pokemon go server down. We deliver comprehensive information about the functionality of the server in your particular area by analyzing if pokemon go not loading or not working. Currently, we’re providing the server status from all around the world. In case, if the tool processes the result as an unstable or down server, you may refresh the page or visit again to find out about the status.

What Can be The Issue If Pokemon Servers Go Down In Your Area

Niantic faced some technical issues when they launched the game. The high demand on the servers was one of the major causes of pokemon go servers down and the other technical issues occur. To overcome these technical issues and to ensure that players did not face Pokémon server down issues, Niantic decided to launch Pokémon go in regional phases. But several players complained that they could not log in to the game through their Pokémon trainer club accounts. They would get the message ‘Pokémon trainer club unable to authenticate’. They could only access the game through their Gmail accounts.

Alongside server issues, Pokémon suffered from several glitches. The tracking got stuck, Pokémon captured creatures got swapped, the game got stuck and also got hacked but was recovered soon. Despite a host of issues, the game did not lose its popularity among players and over 20,000 players attended a community event for the game in Chicago on 22 July 2017. Several of the attendees could not participate in the game as the heavy load of 20,000 players accessing the cellular networks caused crashes and connectivity issues. Niantic refunded the players and also gave them a $100 game voucher.

Pokémon Go Wickedly Popular Among All Age Groups?

In the past 3 years, Pokemon Go has penetrated the gaming avenue ferociously. Even the non-gamers are addicted to this game. Everyone loves to collect a shiny collection of Pokémon, and that is the reason the game is still popular. The game has encouraged people to violate loitering laws. You might have come across people, who’re roaming around semi-significant locations along with their smartphones and portable charger. They are into playing this viral Pokémon Go game. The gaming waves of this game is rolling upon all age groups without letting them know they are trapped in the vicious cycle of collecting Pocket Monsters.

Since its release, it has become a gaming sensation, and a smashing hit. People are still flocking around different areas in the quest to make their collection more glittering. After hitting 1 Billion downloads, the servers were down, which didn’t come as a surprise. Server Pokemon go down due to an enormous number of active-users, and the game addicts are always looking for the Pokemon go server status; whether it’s down or up to play.


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