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Percentage Calculator

Percentage calculator helps to calculate the exact percentage of numbers online. 

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About Percentage Calculator

Do you wish to find the accurate percentage of your value without going through the manual procedure? If yes, then you can turn to the percentage calculator, which provides an easy way to calculate percentage.

The percentage calculator online is designed to help users calculate percentage of any value effortlessly. Whether using a smartphone or desktop, you can easily make percentage calculations through this without facing any compatibility issues. It’s a free-of-cost tool that doesn’t charge a penny from you, irrespective of the number of times you use it to calculate percentage.

Start using the percentage finder online today to calculate percentage online!

How to Calculate Percentage of a Number?

The percentage calculator has a user-friendly interface that allows you to calculate percentage of a number without following any intricate procedures. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  • Access the percentage calculator online.
  • Enter the two values to find the third one.
  • Hit the “calculate” button and get results! 

How Does Our Percent Calculator Work?

The percent calculator offered on SmallSEOTools works on smart algorithms that accurately find the percentage of the input values. The functionality of percent finder is based on the percentage calculation formula. It may get tricky for the individuals when they try to manually calculate percentage, as not everyone is a pro at solving math equations. Our percentage finder is readily available to assist you in this task; it just asks the users to submit their values and find the percentage with a single click. You won’t be asked to go through the hassle of getting registered on this platform; use the percent calculator right away.

Why Use a Percentage Calculator Online?

Here are the most common cases where a percentage calculator can prove to be a useful tool for people working in various fields.

  • Calculate the Sales Tax Percentage

How much are you being charged as sales tax on buying certain products? The sales tax is usually decided in percentage, so you can use a percentage calculator to find how much you’ll have to pay in taxes for buying a good or service.

  • Income Percentage Calculator

Do you earn a fixed income and wish to save a certain percentage? If you find it difficult to calculate percentages independently and wish to get accurate results, use the percent calculator. With this tool, you can easily find the amount of a certain percentage of your income you wish to save.

  • Percentage Discount

Calculating percentage discounts is another use case of our percentage calculator. When finding products on sale, you’ll see a certain percentage of the actual price that can be saved. The percentage finder can assist you in this process, as you can easily find the discounted amount of the product you’re looking forward to buying.

  • Calculate Body Fat Percentage

Many people struggle hard to maintain their body fat percentage to stay fit. So what is the proportion of the fat in your body concerning its weight? You can get to know about it with the help of our online percentage calculator.

  • Store Discounts

Have you come across a store that is offering some discounts? They must be in the form of percentages, and you can get your hands on the percentage calculator to understand the final price you need to pay after getting the discount.

  • Sales Tax

How much tax are you paying against the goods or services you enjoy? To have a clear idea of sales tax, you can take the assistance of the online percentage calculator. With this tool, you can easily determine the percentage of the sales tax you’re paying against buying products.

  • Interest Rate

Are you looking forward to getting a loan? Before you apply for it, check the interest rate and see the amount that will be repayable against the loan you’ll be taking. It can be easily done with the free percentage calculator online.

  • Statistics

Statistics students and statisticians can also reap benefits by using the percentage calculator. They can easily clear their concepts about finding percentages with the help of this web-based utility.

How to Calculate It Manually?

The percentage calculation is based on a percentage formula. You can calculate percentage manually with the help of the following formula:

Percentage Formula: 

P x V1 = V2

With this equation, you can easily find P (percentage), V1 (first value), or V2 (second value).

What Does SmallSEOTools Offer?

Besides the percentage calculator, SmallSEOTools also offer various other utilities for your ease. They include the following:

Percentage Increase Calculator

This tool can assist you in finding an increase in the prices of goods and services as a percentage.

Percentage Decrease Calculator

You can also figure out the decrease of one amount to another by getting your hands on the percentage decrease calculator. 

Percentage Change Calculator

A percentage change calculator can assist you in quantifying the change from one value to another. 

Percentage Difference Calculator

The percentage difference calculator is designed to help users calculate the difference between two positive integers greater than zero.

How to Find the Percentage of Something?

You can find the percentage of something with the help of a percentage calculation formula. Here is an example that can help you understand it:


Anna’s monthly salary is $2500. She pays x% income tax on it. The amount deducted as income tax from her salary is $250. What percentage of Anna’s salary is deducted as income tax?

Percentage Calculatoin Formula:

P x V1 = V2


P = x

V1 = 2500

V2 = 250


x% x 2500 = 250

x% = 250/2500

x = 10%

Anna pays a 10% income tax on her salary every month.


What is the Percentage?

The percentage is the ratio of a number expressed as a fraction of 100. It is generally denoted with the percent symbol, “%.”

How to calculate percentage between two numbers?

You can calculate the percentage between two numbers with the help of a percentage calculator. This percent calculator online allows you to submit the two numbers and calculate percentage in seconds.

What Can I Calculate with a Percentage Converter?

A percentage converter allows you to make any calculation in percentages. Whether you want to calculate the ratio of a student’s marks in an examination or check what amount you’re paying in taxes, you can easily get accurate results with the percentage finder.

Can a Percentage Be Greater Than 100?

No! When identifying the percentage of a number, it cannot get greater than 100. However, when finding the difference of values at a certain point in terms of percentage, the percentage can be higher than 100.

Can a Percentage Be Negative?

No! The percentage of a number cannot be negative, but you can get a negative percentage when finding the percentage difference between two values. Still, in such cases, you need to ignore the negative sign and write the percentage in positive integers only.

Can a Percentage Be a Decimal?

No! A percentage cannot be a decimal because it is formed by multiplying the decimal value by 100. 

Is it Possible to Calculate the Percentage Without a Percent Calculator?

Yes, you can calculate the percentage without an online percent calculator using the percentage calculation formula. However, if the values are complex, you may need help to calculate the percentage independently.


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