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If you are running advertising campaigns, then you know the importance of selecting and targeting the right keywords. Enter the domain in the field below and click ”Check Paid Keywords” button.

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Paid Keyword Finder Tool – Get The Best Keyword Suggestions

When we are talking about business, its advertisements play a vital role in its prosperity. You will remain unknown without showing it to the people even if you are providing excellent services or have great products.

Thanks to the possum update in 2016, online advertising has changed the lives of many people in the business. Now, you can quickly put up an ad over various websites that allow you to state your business with address, which not only allows people from outside cities to find the products you are providing but also for the people who are looking for a specific service locally.

You can call it the best keyword finder in this cyberspace it will not only let you know which keywords are paid keywords but will also notify you about their current and previous positions.

This tool becomes really handy for search engine optimizers when it comes to the finding of your rivals paid keywords. These keywords can be the short or long tail, and its CPC (cost per click) can be either decided by the advertiser or the search engine. If you want to learn about their current stats like a competition of that keyword, its positions, etc. then our free keyword generator or Paid keyword Finder tools without any hassle can check it for you.

Keyword Analyzer for Free Keyword Search

If you have ever tried searching for advertising online, then you might have come across a term called paid advertisements. It is the same as you are paying some TV channel to display your publication, but they charge either according to the length of the ad or how many times you want it to be viewed per day. Over the internet, you either pay for showing the image or animation of your business or you can display ads on various video sharing websites if it’s a video ad, but for a website and application the method is a little different.

To place the right advertisements, you need to have the right keywords to increase the likelihood of advertising success.

Keyword Search Engine: Know the Right Keywords

The businesses which aren’t old or are small should go for the paid advertisement especially if they are offering better services than the rest in the market. So, let us share a few ways of displaying ads online which are:

  • PPC (pay per click)
  • Pay per download
  • Pay per download
  • Video Ads
  • Display Ads

These are just a few essential ways of showing your services or products to the people on the internet. The PPC is a cost that you will pay if someone clicks the link to your website or webpage. Pay per install is what you will be charged if someone installs application developed by you. Pay per download is the money or something similar that you have to pay for people downloading your app, content, etc.

For video ads, you have to pay the websites that share videos to display your ad too, but its cost is more than other ways. The last is display ads; these ads are based on images or small animations made in GIF and will be displayed on the relevant pages of sites who are using Google AdSense.

Also, some keywords can cost you a fortune, so try to use the most relevant keywords with low-competition for best results, and they don’t cost much either. The competition of keywords is massive, and if you go for bidding on a keyword like that, then you will be out budget in no time. So, it is imperative to choose the right keywords for advertisement because if you don’t then either you will be losing a lot of money over some keywords because of high competition or keywords that do not work out due to irrelevancy.

Tip: Displaying ads is the second-best method after PPC if you are selling services and good quality products.

PPC and Keyword Research and Analysis

Let’s keep it simple: Keyword research is a process in which optimizers or people who own websites look for words or phrases that are famous (means searched frequently) over search engines to rank their sites with. Also, with the help of our free keyword research tool, you can take a peek into other similar website’s prioritized keywords for optimization.

PPC (pay per click) is the most effective way of ranking your website. The thing here to understand is don’t rush for it especially if you just started a small-scale business, because you need to have the right keywords for ranking your website as well. The pay per click is the cost that you will decide to pay for the individuals who click on the link of your site through a PPC network.

There are many PPC networks AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing ads, and more, and the advertiser pays money to these PPC networks and display ads on pages of sites who have enabled these services. So, whenever somebody clicks on this link, the cost decided by you or the PPC network will be paid to the person for getting the ad clicked/tapped.

How To Use Our Free Keyword Checker Tool

The Keyword Analysis Tool will find all the keywords that are being used for SEO purposes. You should know about the present and past positions of these keywords because it really makes a difference especially when the keyword you are focusing on is not working out for you anymore maybe because of the competition or isn’t appropriate. Our keyword planner alternative will find all the information about keywords and display it in results so you can take necessary actions.

To use our keyword research and analysis tool follow the below-given steps:

  1. This is where you are going to enter the uniform resource link (URL) of the site you want to learn about. All you have to do is look for a text that says “Enter Domain” and writes or paste the link of the site, as shown in the example below.
  2. After entering the keyword, and hit the “Check Paid Keywords” button.
  3. The results will be displayed right under the keyword finder tool, which will include all the information related to the keywords. Below you can see the type of information you will find related to the keywords:

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