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Wondering why are you not ranking in SERPs? Maybe you have been targeting the wrong keywords. Use our tool to find low competition keywords. Enter the keyword below, and click “Check Keyword Difficulty” button.

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Want to Rank High? Find Keyword Difficulty Score!!!

The key to successful SEO and to rank high in SERPs is knowing the SEO difficulty score of the keywords you are targeting.

Keyword competition is one of those critical SEO metrics that are often overlooked. We spent a significant amount of energy and time (even money) in creating content to capture the target audience.

However, what if your page is not showing in the first pages of search engine results, you will lose half of your potential audience. And, to make sure, your website is visible to your audience so that they can reach it, you must work on keyword research to find the right keywords.

So what are the right keywords? The higher is the competition (difficulty) for a keyword, the harder it is to rank high in SERP for that keyword. Knowing the keyword competition and the right keywords to target can help you write the winning content.

It can save you from spending time and focus on keywords that might be to too weak or too competitive to rank for. It is better to keep things realistic and target keywords that are moderately competitive, i.e. not so weak and not so difficult, which will lead you to come up with content that is highly likely to appear in the top of SERPs.

Online Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool: The Unsung Hero of SEO

We have discussed keyword competition but how to measure it?

It isn’t tricky to come up with a list of potential keywords, relevant to your niche that you think you could rank for.

The real scary bit is how to find out the keywords that could take you to the #1 rank. Knowing the competition of keywords is crucial to plan and implement your SEO strategy efficiently.

If you are wondering about how to find out the keyword competition, then you don’t have to worry. Keyword competition checker Tool is available to save the day. At SmallSEOTools, you will find the quick and simple solution: Free SEO Keyword competition Checker Tool.

This multipurpose tool will help you find the low competition keywords or run a long tail keyword research; anything you want to do for finding the best keywords.

Tips for Long Tail Keyword Research

The importance of long tail keywords is no longer a secret. Every individual, who is well informed of SEO practices knows the significance of these 3-5 word phrases.

Long Tail keywords are more specific, less popular, and more targeted. In contrast, short tail keywords are less specific, more popular, and less easily targeted. One of the reasons why long tail keywords are winners here.

Below are a few tips for better to help you with keyword research:

Find ‘easy’ keywords to rank: Yes, you heard that right. To find the keywords you can easily rank for, you must know there competition level, which will automatically lead you to profitable keywords with a high likelihood for ranking.

Consider keywords that your competitors miss: Even if your competitors are ranking high for many keywords, the chances are high that they have missed a few potential long tail keywords. So what’s the catch here? Get more relevant keywords ideas, use Google keyword rank checker, and find the difficulty score. A low score means not many competitors have yet targeted the keyword. It is relevant, and it has low competition score, that's your cue.

Narrow down your search for keywords: The first thing to consider here is whether you are targeting a global audience or local audience. If your target audience is local, then it isn’t wise to spend money, time, and energy looking for the wrong keywords. Narrow down your research on the country, state, or city level, and then look for the keywords.

How To Use Keyword Competition Tool Free

Before you start planning and working on your content, you must have the keywords. And, having the keywords is just half of the story. You should run a thorough analysis of the keywords you deem fit for your website. Look into their search volume and difficulty score, which is no longer a hard task as there are so many tools available to find keyword competition checker for you.

To check keyword competition with our tool, you have to follow just a few simple steps:

  • Get started with preparing a list of all the keywords you want to check difficulty for. It always comes in handy to have the keywords beforehand.
  • Next go to perhaps where you already are.
  • On the web page of tool, you will see a box with a text field, where you will have to enter the keywords (one by one or all at once).
  • Enter the keywords in the given field. You can enter one keyword at a time, or multiple keywords. However, if you are entering more than one keyword, don’t forget to separate them with a semicolon.
  • Enter the keyword(s) and click “Check Keyword Difficulty.”
  • As soon as you hit the big blue button, our smart tool will start processing, and show you the results without any delay.

In the results, you will get a score against each keyword on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the value, the harder it is to rank for the particular keyword in the first page of Google or other search engines.


The keyword SEO difficulty is just one of the many metrics for proper keyword research.

Once you have a list of keywords with low difficulty score and high relevancy to your niche, you are almost halfway there. However, that doesn’t mean your job is over.

Keywords research is just the first step! It is crucial to consider other SEO metrics.

In order to find out 100% accurate keyword difficulty, you will need a tool that is reliable and accurate.

What could be the better option than SST’s Keyword Difficulty Checker? To get more efficient results, use it together with our Paid Keyword and Keyword Research Tool.

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