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Find out the competition for the popular keywords with strong commercial potential in your niche for effective SEO strategies. Use Keyword Competition Checker to analyze the competition of a particular keyword.

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About Keyword Research & Keyword Competition Checker

Today, many people especially webmasters and SEOs know well about how SEO works and how important it is for a website to be properly optimized.

There are many search engines; however, Google alone contributes to 100 billion search queries every month. Yes, it’s billion! Internet consumers search for everything from “gummy bears” to “BMW”. That is why, in order to boost a website’s visibility in the eyes of search engines or the free or organic results of search engines, it is essential to ensure that your website has been properly optimized for potential “keywords” that are relevant and important to your online product, service or business.

The whole process of researching and selecting keywords and phrases for SEO that users mostly search for and which are directly related to your product or services is called Keyword Research. Your goal should be that when a user searches a keyword within your niche, he finds your website in the top organic search results of Google. However, it isn’t easy at all as it may sound. Choosing the suitable keywords is just the first step in the greater journey. Without appropriately optimizing your website including the content, around the relevant keywords, your site will have little or no chance of appearing in the top Google search results. Keyword research also greatly helps in finding out the keyword competition, for which you can use a keyword checker or keyword competition tool.

To achieve a high ranking, each keyword that you may choose for your website is relatively a competition that you jump into. It is ideal to be sure that there are good chances for you to winning the game before investing your time and resources. That’s when tools like keyword checker, keyword competition tool or keyword competition checker come into the play.

Importance of Keyword Competition Checker in SEO

When it comes to SEO, competition and primarily competition of keywords can be very terrifying.

You never know who you are competing against. It could be a junior intern or an experienced SEO. Fortunately, now there are many tools that you can use to get help, but you must know to use them properly.

After conducting a careful keyword competition analysis, you are now in a position to identify the keywords within your niche that are important but have not yet been targeted by many SEOs. Taking advantage of these keywords with low keyword competition score can take a significant amount of time, but you can save much more in the long run. Try to make a keyword planner that will provide you the convenient access to the competitor keyword phrases.

A few low volume but low competition keywords is just a starting point to get better organic search volume.

Keyword Competition Checker by SmallSEOTools

Once you are done with keyword research and finding nice long tail keywords with buyer intent, next thing you have to do is check the competition level that exists for those keywords on Google. If the competition for a keyword is higher, then you should move on to the next keyword with low competition and try to get it ranked. In SEO, the practice that serves you best is knowing exactly what you are doing. That’s where you can use Keyword Competition Checker.

SmallSEOTools offer a very easy to use keyword checker as it has an effortless functionality. You just have to enter the keyword you want to check in the text box and click on the button that says 'Submit. Within seconds, you will get the results, giving you details about Broad, Exact, AllInTitle, AllInURL, AllInAnchor and AllInText keyword searches.

Easy, isn’t it? So, try using this fantastic keyword checker or keyword competition checker tool to enhance your SEO strength today.

Keyword Competition Checker: Factors to Consider

Sometimes the wrongly placed emphasis on the number of search results in response to a particular keyword search query by many people doesn’t serve well. In this regard, many users can get confused, for example, if Google is showing 50 million results for ‘mortgage calculator’ and you want to rank then you will think that the number of competitors you have is also 50 million. However, out of these 50 million results, most of these pages are the ones that rank for an entirely different keyword, or they are not trying to rank for anything at all. Therefore, it is recommended to concern yourself with pages that are only listed on the first page of Google for a particular keyword. Keyword checker is the tool that you should use for a comprehensive keyword competition analysis.

The factors that you must consider while using a keyword checker or keyword competition checker for evaluating keyword competition are:

  • Who your real competitors for a particular keyword are
  • How the strength of competitors is evaluated
  • If it is even possible for you to rank the website for that keyword

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