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Keyword analysis is the core of SEO strategy. With the help of our Live Keyword Analyzer, you can enter your text, keywords and run a live keyword analysis for free.

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What is Live Keyword Analyzer All About?

As the title implies, this tool will help you analyze the keyword density of the content that you wish to upload on your website to be able to get a good page ranking.

Keyword Density is calculated based on the percentage of how many times these keywords is shown on a particular web page taking into consideration its total word count. It can be a single, a two-word, or even a three-keyword phrase. It is really up to you on how you will manage these keywords within your web page content.

Getting a good percentage of keyword density gives you a higher chance of having a better page ranking on search engines like Google.

How Live Keyword Analyzer Works?

The Small SEO Tools Live Keyword Analyzer is very easy and simple to use. Upon entering the link to our Live Keyword Analyzer, you will be given up to TEN options wherein you can write the keywords that you want to analyze (they come in small boxes). You got that right, not just ONE but TEN keywords are can be analyzed simultaneously.

Then, below these small boxes, you will see a bigger box wherein you can paste a copied content from your work file or document that you wish to scan for keyword density. Once all fields are furnished, you will see the results right away. You don’t even need to click on a “Submit or Process” button because you will see the results by the time you paste the copied content from your file.

It allows you to edit directly on the text box and the results will automatically update as you go along with editing your content. This feature works great in making Meta Data.

No more time wasted. Once you get the results from our Live Keyword Analyzer tool, you can then proceed to other important tasks which you might have, or you can start processing a different content from your work file that you might want to run for another keyword analysis.

Why Should I Use A Keyword Analyzer Tool ?

Keyword density tools such as this Live Keyword Analyzer is beneficial to webmasters and SEO professionals provided that they are equipped with proper knowledge and has solid strategies in using the results of this tool.

This Live Keyword Analyzer can help you determine if your content is good or still needs to be improved for search engine optimization.

You can use this tool in analyzing not only your website but your competitor’s as well. It will help you determine which websites do well in page ranking. And this tool allows you to compare several web pages at the same time to help you better plan your SEO strategy.

Is there a Fee that I need to pay when I use this Keyword Analyzer Tool?

There is no Fee or membership required to use this Live Keyword Analyzer tool. You can use it anytime and process as many contents as you want.

How Search Engines Works?

Different search engines have their own unique algorithm which analyzes web content and its vocabulary. It reads and interprets data being published on the web.

When it comes to this, there is no such thing as one-size fits all. Webmasters and SEO professionals must carefully plan and do a proper keyword analysis with every content that they publish as it can greatly affect in page ranking.

Know Your Competitors?

In every business, checking on your competitor/s is a must so you can cope up with the trend and you will never be behind when it comes to the demands of your target audience.

Searching on Google or other search engines using a specific keyword will help you determine who among the rest are doing very well when it comes to page ranking. You might want to check what specific keywords your competitors are using on Google and other search engines because more often than not these too can be helpful for you in analyzing what keywords will best work for your website. Probably not all, but at least you could come up with ideas.

For newly launched or lesser known websites, content is a very crucial part of SEO, and keyword density plays an important role in bringing your content to the frontline. We are not just referring to any content – you must bear in mind that when writing web content they must be of high-quality and provides the reader an extensive information about the subject.

What to Watch Out For?

With the recent updates on Google also came the on-page classifiers which can detect and penalize websites that are heavily laden with redundant keywords. Such cases are commonly found in poorly written content, which would also mean that the content has no substance at all. They are just some cheap content that is over stuffed with keywords. Readers don’t like reading it, and so with Google on-page classifiers, that is why you must try to avoid such content at all times. This will help you avoid getting penalized by Google and other search engines.

In writing content, we must always aim to provide our readers with a good and well-researched information. Keywords may be added as long as they are in proper context with the content. They can also be used in creating Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Tags as these too can help you in optimizing your website.

Now, with this in mind, website keyword analysis helps in creating a balance between high-density keywords and varied low-density keywords like synonyms. Most SEO experts would recommend a keyword density of not more than 3%. So, this means you can play anywhere between 1-3%. Some would also say that based on their experience, 2-3% is the ideal range for keyword density.

Again, careful planning and identifying which keywords to use are very important in optimizing your web content

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