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JSON Validator

JSON Validator is a free online web-based tool which helps to validate JSON data by formatting it. So that it can be easy to read by human beings. Try now.

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A JSON Verifier confirms that your JSON structure is according to the specification required by JavaScript oriented notation. It has become the language of this cyberspace, especially if you are working with some web service, JSON is the preferred format for data transmission. When you are dealing with complex structured data, then it is best to find out whether your data is valid or not and is providing you with the correct results or not.

As you know JSON format was developed and specified by Douglas Crockford, it is based on the JavaScript language. JSON notations contain elements which are similar to the ones in JavaScript. For example, Object is used to store data and is enclosed in curly braces with the rest of the instances that define it better, like key/value pairs, arrays, strings, etc.

An object can contain multiple objects, array or literals as values where key/value pairs must be separated with a colon and values with commas. You can access these values with the help of brackets or dot notations. The properties in the objects can be quickly deleted by using the delete keyword, and as JSON is quite similar to the JavaScript structure, you can modify, erase, and access the values of arrays easily.


JSON syntax is easy to understand which is why it is preferred over XML. We don’t need to use any complicated version of codes for parsing data, and because of its syntax being too lightweight its execution of response is swift. Below are a few of the advantages of this format:

  • JSON is faster
    As it requires less amount of closing tags and its files occupy less space thus makes its execution faster. Also, it has a wide range of browsers that support this format, so not much exertion is demanded to make it browser compatible because JSON has that functionality.
  • Best way to share data
    As you know, the data is stored in arrays, so any amount of data can be shared easily. It is a file format for web development and APIs which is also another reason for developers to use JSON for transmitting structured data over the internet.
  • Less wordy
    JSON is denser than XML and is more readable thus makes it convenient and easier for compound data serialization and is a good compromise for a lot more purposes. Its less wordiness makes it easy to parse, and extensible.


JSON schema is the path of standardization, and it describes your present data formats. JSON schema is written in clear machine and human readable form. It validates the structure entirely for automated testing and is the best way to define the structure of your data. It also adds a restriction to the type of data you are entering in the object, and the value of these properties are called JSON schema which helps to validate the information.

Its primary purpose is to describe the structure your JSON document hold and is it authentic or not. If you have a massive structure of data compiled up then using the JSON schema is the best way to describe which object holds what type of data by explaining the Title, Description, and its Type. This JSON schema, in short, is called the Metadata of the data and is not widely known but is the best practice to understand large complex data piled up in the file.


All sorts of errors made by you can be fixed easily without any complication. Our JSON formatter and validator not only checks if the written code meets the requirements of JavaScript Oriented Notation but also checks if you have made mistakes in the values.

If you find any error in the code you write it can be fixed right away and you don’t have to wait until you are done writing. Mistakes can be found as you type because the line will be highlighted if it needs any correction plus if the file is large you don’t need to worry because our online JSON Validator is here to fix all the misinterpretation for you.


JSON can be validated, corrected, checked easily with our JSON Verify Tool. Sometimes for you to understand your own code, you should add JSON schema which will elaborate what type of data does your object includes. It is easy to check your JSON file, or you can directly write in our JSON editor to solve errors as you write. Follow the below given steps to validate your JSON easily with JSON formatter.

  1. After reaching the JSON Validator page you will find a large editing field with the title “Enter or Paste your Jason” like shown in the below image:
  2. When you write text and make a mistake it will be highlighted, and you will find a cross sign on the left side of the line as shown in the image. Our JSON Syntax Checker will also let you know what type of mistake you made and what can you do to correct it as in the picture below:

    The values must be separated by a comma, not space, as you can see the line number 3 is highlighted because there is a comma missing. You can hover over the red cross located on the left side of the line number to find out what mistake you have made.

  3. When you are done writing, fixing any errors or if you want to correct them later then you can upload the file if you have it on a PC or provide a link by pressing one of the following buttons after uploading you can push the “Process” button as shown in the picture:
  4. The results will be displayed in the following manner under the, as we erased a comma from the above example, the result will look something like this, and all the lines with errors will be highlighted.


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