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JSON Beautifier

JSON Beautifier helps to beautify JSON data in the tree view. JSON pretty tool easy and simple to use just upload JSON file/paste JSON code and start beautifying it.

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JSON Facts & JSON Tree Viewer

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), is a structure used to save and exchange data with servers which should only be in plain text. As JSON is text which makes it human readable and understandable, it’s written in JavaScript notation, and you can transform any JSON received from the server into JavaScript format. The same method is used when turning JavaScript to JSON before sending it to the server. It is the best way to work with the data without any complications of parsing/translations.

JSON tree viewer or call it JSON beautifier online is a tool that you can use to make your work look pretty. So, you don’t find it difficult to read or make modifications, and the primary purpose is to save your time from looking for a specific part to alter in the code of JSON. JSON pretty print solves all your troubling matters by making your JSON code tidy.

The reason why the world is converting to JSON is that it is not wordy plus not difficult to access and work with the objects present in it. As XML doesn’t support objects and includes ending tags, it generates file whose structure is hard to understand. The JSON rather takes time to write, but it’s advantageous because of its simplicity in many ways. JSON pretty print not makes the messed up code look better but also solves many other problems by notifying you about them.

Pretty JSON Data Types – A Way To Perceive Better

JSON syntax is quite lengthy and requires a lot of time. As objects are surrounded by braces, key and their values separated by a colon, arrays are enclosed in square brackets, and you can include more objects inside objects. This is the reason we need to get a pretty print of JSON. The JSON data types and elements require a lot of concentration, one tiny error like missing a comma can take hours to find. The JSON pretty print online can search the mistake for you so that you can fix it without going through all the hassle.

JSON has six data types which are Number, String, Boolean, Array, Object, and null. The object is used to store the data, and without an object, you cannot save or retrieve data from a JSON file. All the data types can be used in objects, and you can add more elements in them as well, like multilevel objects also known as nested objects. To access the values of objects, you will need a bracket or a dot notation.

JSON Stringify Pretty Arrays & Objects

As flower brackets surround an object, it is easy to know which element is what. An object is written in the form of key/value pairs where the key is a string, and its values are valid data types if JSON. For beginners, it isn’t difficult to learn about the differences and how they work. Our tool adds more to JSON beauty online, providing you with a space to work on.

An array can contain all the data types plus more objects but the procedure to retrieve information from a nested object is different, you will need a for-in loop. Modification in the values of arrays doesn’t require much effort all you need is the index number and object name. JSON pretty print online can make all the code of JSON appear in a better form, as JSON doesn’t allow commenting it is hard to search about which part of code contains what you are looking for.

JSON beautifier comes with a JSON Minifier as well, so you can create a small version of your file in order to make it occupy less space. Plus our tool not only beautifies the code but also enables you to edit it how you want, after which you can create a minified version of the file to download.

How To Use JSON Beautify Online Tool

The JavaScript pretty print JSON tool can make your JSON code look neat. The tool can be used for modification purposes in your file because it can help you locate any bugs that require fixes by notifying you about the error along with the number of the line.
The tool for the pretty print of JSON can also be used before delivering the work to your client; it will make the file appear neat and clean. So, the client can put it to use instantly without making its appearance better.

It is easy to use JSON pretty print PHP tool; all you have to do is follow some of the steps given below:

  1. When you are on the page of JSON Beautifier, you will find a large box with the title to “enter or paste your JSON” below it you will find a place to write JSON code as shown in the example:
  2. If you want to type the code you can easily do it in the tool, else you can choose to upload your previously written file for beautification, or if you have it stored somewhere on a server online, then you can provide the URL of the file.
  3. After uploading and making modifications, all you have to do is hit the “Process” button located below the tool, and the results will be displayed. You can download the pretty format JSON from the download link, or you can copy and paste the code in the original file.The tool will also inform you if your JSON Pretty code is valid and will give you options to minify and beautify as shown in the image above.


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