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Smallseotools Instant Search Tool helps you find a relevant keyword in any topic from Google and other search engines.

Just start typing and suggestions will be supplied from popular search engines

About Instant Search Suggestions Tool

If you are a Google user or have used the Google search browser, you must have noticed its search suggestions feature. When you start typing in the keywords that you want to search for, suggestions start to appear under the box you are typing in. If you like a suggestion and click on it. Google bases its search on the completed keywords and will display the websites selected in the search criteria. It is indeed a beneficial tool and saves time. The Google search autocomplete algorithm has been developed by Google to save visitors time. A visitor does not have to key in all the words to search relevant websites.

If you are wondering how does Google auto-complete work? It is indeed a very cleverly designed algorithm. It is smart enough to know a users location and will make a search suggestion based on this information. For example, if you were to type ‘denim jeans’ and you are located in Toronto, Canada; it will do an autocomplete of your search by displaying ‘in Toronto’ right after you have typed in ‘denim jeans.

Google has a huge database of autocomplete suggestions and does a quick search among them based on the user’s entered keywords. That’s why it has gained popularity and made Google the most used search browser in the world.

search browser in the world. Other search browsers have also developed and installed their own auto-complete suggestions tool to help users. For other search engines to compete with Google, they have to keep up with the features that Google provides its users.

Search Suggestions

Search suggestions are a byproduct of search suggestions developed by Google and used by other popular websites and search browsers as well. Search suggestions are databases of what website visitors key in to visit their favorite websites. All the popular websites have compiled their popular search suggestions databases and use them to help their visitors find what they are looking for.

Webmasters and SEOs know that for their websites to rank high on search browsers they must use the search suggestions on their websites.

Search suggestions are a string of words that internet users use after they have keyed in the keywords. Now if a website were to contain the keywords along with the suggested words in the content of their website, the website would get a higher ranking in search browsers.

Several websites help content writers search for keywords which they can use in their articles. Google Adwords and Google Analytics are two very popular sites that are used to find keywords. When writing a website page’s title just using Google suggested words might not be enough. The reason for this is that will limit the suggestions to words contained in Google’s database, and the website is an e-commerce site and must rank high on eBay or Amazon.

Now there are instant search suggestion tools which when used will list suggested words from all the popular search engines. When a webmaster, SEO or content writer uses this tool, search suggestions from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and eBay, the search suggestion tool will display the popular suggestions used on these popular sites.

The two most popular sites that sell goods on the internet are Amazon and eBay. So a website that is selling products would want to rank high on these websites. In this case, the webmaster would need to look up suggested words on these websites and incorporate them into his or her website.

Instant Search Suggestions

Finding search suggestions for all the popular search engines and e-commerce websites was not easy and could be quite time-consuming. But now with search suggestions, it has become quite simple and quick.

Instant search suggestions are a handy tool for internet browsing, but it is also used for webmasters, SEO and web content writers. Today, there are millions of websites on the internet, and every website is engaged in a race against other websites in its category to get a top ranking on search browsers. Keywords have gained importance, and website content that contains a few well-placed keywords or keyword phrases will be better ranked than those that don’t contain them.

If you were to search for instant search suggestions on any browser, the list of top sites would be about Google auto-complete suggestions, Google search suggestions, and other Google related sites.

But here is the good news; has launched a very comprehensive and unique tool to help SEOs, webmasters, and content writers view search suggestions. Go to and scroll to the ‘Instant Search Suggestions’ icon or copy/paste in your search browser. In the displayed box enter the words that you want search suggestions for and click ‘Submit.’ The application will immediately return with lists of search suggested words from Google, Yahoo, Bing, eBay, and Amazon. If you were to type in keywords for a news site that you are developing and are searching for suggestions, the search suggestions tool would only return results from Google, Yahoo and Bing and not eBay or Amazon.

Now you can look at the suggestions in front of you and decide which ones you want to use on your website. This handy and free tool makes it so much easier for webmasters and SEO to see the popular used words and phrases and to use them on their websites.

This tool will help webmasters and SEOs to use keywords which will not be popular with only one search browsers, but with all the most used browsers. Smart use of the suggested words and phrases will help in the website ranking high across all the search engines, which will give a big boost to the website’s ranking on all search engines.

It is a brilliant and handy tool to have in your toolbox if you are a website designer or developer. Knowing what the popular in use suggested words will help in focusing your website’s content and description. Remember search engines examine a website’s title and description when ranking a website.


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