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Convert Instagram video to mp4 with the help of Insta to mp4 converter. Simply paste insta link, hit the given button and get the mp4 video.

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About Instagram to MP4 Converter

Are you tired of watching blurry Instagram videos due to slow internet speed? Maybe it’s time to eliminate this trouble from your life and start downloading Instagram videos on your device in MP4 format. For this reason, you can turn to the Instagram to MP4 converter available on SmallSEOTools. This advanced utility asks you to provide the link to the Instagram video, and in return, it transfers high-quality MP4 files to your device. You can convert and download Insta to MP4 anytime from any corner of the world for free!

How to Convert Instagram Video to MP4?

The Instagram MP4 converter doesn’t make you go through any intricate procedures to download Instagram MP4 HD video. You can simply follow the steps given below to execute this task:

  • Access the online Instagram to MP4 converter on SmallSEOTools.
  • Submit the URL of the Instagram video in the given box.
  • Click the “Convert to MP4” button to initiate the process.
  • Download Instagram MP4 HD video on your device with a single click. 

Instagram to MP4 - Why?

The exceptional features of this Instagram MP4 converter make it a top choice for people around the globe. The reasons behind choosing this Instagram to MP4 converter include the following:

Unlimited Downloads and Conversions

The users of our Insta to MP4 converter won’t face any restrictions on its usage. You aren’t restricted to a limited number of downloads and conversions; this tool allows you to convert as many Instagram video download MP4 as you want without imposing any limitations.

Completely Web-Based

The Instagram video to MP4 converter doesn’t need to be downloaded on your device like a software program. Hence, you can access this facility to convert Instagram video to MP4 by merely connecting your device to a stable internet connection.

Easy to Use Instagram to MP4 Downloader

The user-friendly interface of Instagram mp4 downloader makes converting Instagram videos to MP4 hassle-free. Your desired Instagram video can be downloaded to your device in MP4 format with just a few clicks. 

No Signup

Do registration procedures make you reluctant to use a web-based utility? If yes, then SmallSEOTools’ Instagram MP4 downloader offers an easy way to make your desired conversions without the need to sign up and log in. In just a few clicks, you can convert Instagram to MP4!

Instant Access

The Instagram to MP4 converter doesn’t ask you to install or run an extension to access and use this online tool. You can get instant access to this facility from any device, including desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and Mac.  

Convert Instagram Video Links to MP4 for Free

Are you wondering how much you’ll have to pay to use this Instagram video to MP4 converter? There’s no need to bother about it, as SmallSEOTools provides this tool to help you convert the Instagram link to mp4 for free. This platform doesn’t charge you a penny for using its Insta to MP4 conversion service.

Is it Legal to Convert Instagram Video to MP4?

The conversion of Instagram video to MP4 is a legal activity as far as it’s being used for non-commercial reasons. The Insta to MP4 converter disapproves the requests to breach someone’s privacy on Instagram. Hence, you can only convert and download videos from public accounts through this tool. The publically available videos can be downloaded for personal use, such as watching offline and sharing with friends on other social platforms. This tool doesn’t promote illegitimate use; hence, it won’t be responsible for any such deceitful act.


Why is MP4 Blurry on Instagram?

Poor or slow internet connectivity is one of the major reasons behind blurry MP4 videos on Instagram. If you want to enjoy high-quality MP4 videos without worrying about your internet speed, you can turn to the Instagram to MP4 converter and download your desired videos. 

How Can I Save MP4 Video from Instagram?

To save an MP4 video from Instagram, you can take the assistance of the online MP4 Instagram converter. Simply paste the link of the Instagram video you wish to download on your device on this tool. As a result, it will convert it into MP4 and transfer it to your device instantly.

Can I Download Instagram Videos MP4 to My PC?

Yes! You can easily Instagram video download MP4 to your PC through the Instagram to MP4 converter on SmallSEOTools. This web-based utility can easily be accessed through the browser on your PC. Once accessed, you can enter your Instagram video link and convert it into MP4 format efficiently.

Can I Download Instagram to MP4 in HD?

Yes! You can download Instagram to MP4 in HD. This tool delivers top-quality results by fetching and converting the same quality Instagram video to MP4.

Can I Download Videos to MP4 from Private Accounts?

No! You cannot download Instagram video MP4 from private accounts on Instagram. The Instagram to MP4 converter doesn’t breach the privacy of any user; hence, you are only authorized to get Instagram videos in MP4 from public accounts.


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