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HTML Viewer

Online HTML Viewer helps to run your HTML in real-time to view your HTML code, upload your file, or copy-paste your code in the text box below to view it.

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HTML Viewer - View HTML Online

HTML viewer is an advanced web-based tool designed by professional developers for providing ease to the people in viewing and running their HTML codes. The developers don’t have to download any application on their devices anymore for viewing HTML files, as the same task can be executed over the web. Whether you want to check the layout of HTML codes or find the errors existing in them. Our HTML code viewer allows you to view HTML files without facing any sort of restrictions.

How To Use This Online HTML Viewer?

Our HTML reader comes with an easy to use interface that creates no problems for the users in understanding or utilizing the service. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, there’s no need to worry, as you don’t need to follow hard and fast rules for viewing HTML online with this tool. The simple steps given below will help you view HTML on our tool.

  1. Upload the HTML code in the box provided on this tool. The tool allows its users to copy-paste code, upload an HTML file, or fetch HTML from a URL.
  2. After uploading HTML, the next and the last step is to click the View HTML button.
  3. As this button is pressed, the results are generated and displayed instantaneously.

How Does Our HTML Viewer Work?

The HTML viewer on SmallSEOTools is based on advanced algorithms that don’t let the users face any intricacies. With a single click, this online tool automatically processes your HTML file and generates results in a matter of instance. The users can access this viewer without going through the strenuous registration process.

You don’t have to get registered on SmallSEOTools for using this HTML code viewer. It’s free of cost service that doesn’t ask the users to get a premium membership. There is no need to pay a penny for using a tool anymore. Our HTML code reader makes sure to provide you with 100% authentic results without asking to invest manual efforts. To edit your HTML you can try a free online HTML editor which helps to edit HTML to see the result on run time with a split view feature.

What Can You Get With This HTML Code Viewer?

The online view HTML utility allows you to perform different actions on your HTML code without facing limitations. You can use this code reader tool for many reasons, such as:

  1. Validate the authenticity of the code.
  2. Beautify or prettify the HTML file.
  3. View the output of the HTML code.
  4. Minify the HTML code.

Useful Features of Our HTML Viewer

The HTML visualizer on our website is incorporated with top-notch features, which make it the best online utility for viewing HTML codes. The most prominent features of our online tool are discussed below.

Free and Easy to Use:

No costs are involved with the usage of this tool. You don’t need to learn special steps for using this tool as the simple set of instructions given above will help you run and view codes easily.

Run and Test HTML:

Running an HTML file and testing it to identify errors has become an easy process with this tool. Now you can easily view the output of any HTML code and test its validity in a single click.


This tool is a cloud-based utility, and it’s supported by all operating systems. Whether your device is running on iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac OS, you won’t be restricted to access this tool and use it for viewing HTML files.

No Plugin Installation Required:

You can access this tool easily through the web browser of your device. The HTML viewer doesn’t run on any plugins, so you don’t have to worry about installing them for using this service.

Fast and Secure:

It displays results on the users’ screens in a matter of seconds. It’s a secured online utility that doesn’t save the data entered or uploaded by the users in its databases.

Access from Anywhere:

Our tool can be accessed from any corner of the world. All you need to do is connect your device with an internet connection for accessing and using this code viewer.

Benefits of this Online HTML Reader

The basic use of HTML is for developers, as they use this markup language for creating a front-end framework for web pages and applications. Therefore, viewing HTML with an online HTML reader will help you enjoy several benefits. The top benefits of using this utility are discussed below.

Check for Errors:

Our online tool helps you identify and correct errors in an HTML document before presenting it to the audience. By uploading HTML code on this tool, you can easily figure out whether it contains any errors or not.

Layout Adjustment:

Since HTML is widely used for designing layouts, you can use this tool to check if the layout perfectly fits for the front-end users. You can make changes to your HTML code within this tool until you get the desired outcome.

Save Time:

The conventional method of running and viewing HTML files can waste your time, and it won’t be able to help you find the exact errors in the code. In comparison, it will just take a few seconds and show you the errors existing in an HTML code.

Privacy of Users’ Data

Many users are reluctant to use an online HTML viewer tool due to privacy concerns. Therefore, we have developed this tool to provide complete assurance to the users about the confidentiality of their uploaded HTML codes. Our code reader’s servers are designed in such a way that they don’t save the HTML codes entered by the users. As soon as the process is completed by this HTML viewer online, your file automatically gets deleted from its databases. Your data is 100% safe and secure on the viewer of SmallSEOTools.


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