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HTML Formatter & Beautifier

Format your Html code with a clear indentation level. You can now clearly identify the HTML tags starting and ending points. Beautify your ugly, minified HTML code to give it proper indentation to make it easily readable code.

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Beautify HTML Code Online – HTML Formatter & Beautifier

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, and it’s used by developers as a standard markup language for creating web pages. In simple words, the HTML code describes the structure of a web page and how its content will be displayed on the user’s screen. HTML is based on elements that involve a start tag, content, and the end tag.

A single developer can handle a web page with HTML, but in most cases, multiple developers are working on a single project, and each developer might have his/her own way of formatting HTML. This can create problems for the project manager or the developers themselves, as they may find it difficult to read the code format by different persons. For resolving this issue, you can get your hands on an HTML formatter that provides you the consistent formatting of an HTML file. The HTML codes can be made readable and easy to understand for everyone working on the project.

Is There A Difference Between HTML Formatter & HTML beautifier?

As such, there’s no difference between an HTML formatter and beautifier as it describes a single tool that functions as an HTML indenter. HTML prettify basically processes the documents as per the correspondence of HTML open and close tags. The reason behind developing this tool is to make the work of developers easier by giving them a handy service that formats their HTML codes without creating any hurdles.

How To Use HTML Formatter/Indenter?

The format HTML tool on SmallSEOTools is a hassle-free utility that doesn’t ask its users to follow any rigid instructions for its usage. The only thing the users need to do is connect their devices with the internet connection and open this tool. You start using this service as soon as you access it by following the simple steps mention below.

  1. As you’ll land on this tool’s page, you’ll find a box where you can enter the HTML code. There are multiple options provided by our tool for uploading HTML, which includes typing HTML, copy-pasting, entering URL, and accessing files from your device’s storage.
  2. The next thing after uploading HTML is clicking the “Format HTML” button.
  3. As you will click on the button, it will format and beautify your HTML in a matter of instance.

How Does Our HTML Beautifier Work?

The HTML formatter on our website has built on advanced algorithms that perform the task of beautifying HTML and don’t let the user go through any trouble. You don’t have to install any software or plugin to format HTML online as it’s a web-based utility.

Main Features Of This Online HTML Formatter

Many online platforms provide the auto formatter, but the one you’ll find on our website is the best due to its exceptional features. The most prominent features of our format HTML tool are discussed below.

Instant Results:

This HTML beautify tool generates results in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to spend hours in manual formatting of your HTML codes anymore, as this tool can perform the same task on your behalf in no time.


The beautifier tool will make sure to provide you with complete formatting and won’t create any disturbance in your uploaded HTML codes. 100% accurate results are guaranteed by HTML online formatter.


Unlike other tools, this HTML format tool won’t create problems for any of its users. It’s an easy-to-use online service that provides multiple options to users for uploading their HTML documents. Whether you want to load a URL, upload a file stored in the device, or paste the code manually, this tool allows you to upload HTML as you desire.

Why Do You Need To Format HTML Online?

The HTML formatter is vital for everyone involved in using HTML for creating web pages. The main reasons behind the need for using this tool are explained below.

Easy to understand:

If you are working on a group project, then multiple developers might be working on a single HTML file. The HTML format tool can be used to beautify the code that will make it easy to understand. After formatting your code with this tool, you can easily interpret and distinguish between the coding done by you and others.

Clean up code:

As this tool formats your HTML file, it allows you to track and manage the code like a piece of cake. The beautified output file presented to you by this tool will allow you to understand and make changes to the code easily.

The HTML beautify tool will help you reformat the messy coding of your HTML documents with accurate indentation of tags.

Example of Complex and Beautified HTML Code

Complex or Minified HTML:


Hello world

HTML Beautifier


Formatted HTML:


Hello world

Hello world


Privacy is Our Supreme Priority

SmallSEOTools is providing a wide range of online tools, including HTML formatter, and it takes the privacy of users’ data as its utmost responsibility. While using online tools, many people are afraid of losing their confidential data due to the rise of online scams. But our website is providing a completely safe and sound tool that doesn’t let the hackers gain access to the entered information by the users or intentionally share it with third-parties. The HTML codes you upload on our tool are only kept in the database until the formatting process is done. As soon as the tool generates and displays results, your file vanishes from its servers.


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