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How to Remove Password from PDF?

Remove password from PDF easily with our PDF password remover.

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Remove PDF password security, giving you the freedom to use your PDFs as you want.

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How to Remove Password from PDF?

You can follow these simple steps to remove password from PDF:

  • Click upload to submit your PDF file.
  • Hit the “Remove PDF Password” button.
  • The password will be removed instantly.
  • Click Download to save a password-free PDF on your device.

Why Use This Tool to Remove Password from PDF?

The top-notch features discussed below make it a must-have tool for removing password from PDF.

  • User-friendly Interface

You don’t need to follow an intricate procedure to remove PDF password with this web-based utility. Its user-friendly interface makes this task easily executable for everyone.

  •  Quick & Free

This Unlock PDF doesn't ask you to spend much time and effort in the process of removing password from PDF. It generates results in a matter of seconds for everyone for free. 

  • Safe & Secure

You can trust this web-based utility with your confidential files, as it is 100% safe and secure. Its advanced algorithms are designed in such a way that doesn’t store your uploaded files in the databases. Once this tool successfully removes the password from your PDF, it automatically deletes the document from its servers.

  • No Registration & Installation Required

The PDF password remover doesn’t involve any sort of intricacies. You don’t need to get registered on this platform to remove password from PDF. In addition, you also don’t have to install any software program or plugin to use this facility, as it is entirely web-based and just requires a stable internet connection to run.

Why Do You Need to Remove Password from PDF?

There are several cases where you may need to remove passwords from PDF files. Here are the possible situations where removing passwords from PDFs can become essential:

  • You have forgotten the password of your PDF file.
  • You have received a password-protected PDF without a key.
  • The password-protection is no longer required.
  • Avoid the hassle of entering the password.
  • Access the PDF file quickly.


  • How Can I Remove Password from PDF?

The following steps can allow you to remove password from PDF:

  • Access the online PDF password remover.
  • Submit the PDF file.
  • Click the “Remove PDF Password” button.
  • Click Download to fetch results on your device.
  • Is it Possible to Remove PDF  Password on Mobile?

Yes! You can use this super-compatible utility to remove PDF password on mobile devices. It can be accessed through the default browser of your smartphone. After that, you can upload the document from which you need to remove password and tap the given button to execute this task efficiently.

  •  Are There Any Restrictions on Removing Password from PDF with this Online Utility?

No! There are no restrictions on removing password from PDF with this online tool. This PDF unlocker can unprotect as many PDF files as you want. 


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