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Facebook to MP4

Do you want to convert your Facebook videos to MP4 format? With this free online Facebook to MP4 converter, you can do it in just a few clicks!

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About Facebook to MP4 Converter

Do you love watching videos on Facebook? Are you tired of facing internet connectivity issues while watching Facebook videos? If yes, then you can turn to the online Facebook to MP4 downloader and save your favorite videos on your device from this social networking site. Being a Facebook user, you would already know that this platform doesn’t allow you to save videos directly. If you wish to create a playlist of Facebook videos on your device, then the Facebook to MP4 converter on SmallSEOTools is the best available option to execute this task. 

How to Convert Facebook to MP4 Online?

Converting Facebook to MP4 online is a hassle-free task with the help of our Facebook to MP4 converter. The simple steps given below can be followed to use this facility.

  • Paste the link of the Facebook video.
  • Hit the “Convert to MP4” button.
  • Click on the “Download” button to save FB video. 

How Does this Facebook MP4 Converter Work?

The Facebook MP4 converter works on advanced algorithms that smartly convert your desired Facebook videos to MP4. The processing of this tool starts by fetching the Fb video through your entered URL. Once the video is fetched, this tool uses a top-tier conversion method to convert it into MP4 format while preserving the quality. The converted file is then made available to the user for downloading. This whole process might seem like a tiring and lengthy procedure; however, the Facebook to MP4 converter takes a couple of seconds to process the request and deliver exceptional results.

FB to MP4 Converter: Features

The availability of multiple utilities over the web might put a question in your mind that why you should choose the Fb to MP4 converter on SmallSEOTools. Well, the top-notch features of this tool make it an excellent option to convert and download Facebook videos in MP4. They include the following:

Quality Preservation

Fb to MP4 converter uses advanced conversion algorithms to ensure your desired video is transferred to your device in top-level visual quality. 

Fast & Easy Conversion

The process to download Facebook video to MP4 is conducted in a matter of seconds by this online utility. It has a user-friendly interface that can help you make your required conversions without taking anyone’s assistance.

No Registration Required

Many users bounce back from the websites that ask them to go through the complex registration procedures for using their services. However, you won’t face such difficulty in using our Facebook to MP4 downloader, as getting registered isn’t required for this tool. 

Limitless Conversions

There are no limitations on the number of Facebook videos you can convert with this link Fb to MP4 converter.  

Convert Facebook Video to MP4 on Mobile & Desktop

Do you have a suitable device for using this online Facebook video to MP4 converter? If this question is popping into your mind, you need to stop thinking about it right away! The Facebook MP4 download tool has super-compatibility with all kinds of platforms. You don’t need a specific device to run this facility, as it can be accessed through any smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet, or Mac device. This tool is supported by all major operating systems, including iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Hence, converting Facebook videos to MP4 isn’t a problem for you anymore! 

Flexibility to Browse Facebook to MP4 Converter

Facebook to MP4 converter can be browsed through any web browser. You don’t need a specific browser with some plugin or extensions to convert Facebook videos to MP4. Whether you have a Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, or Opera browser, you can easily access this tool and convert Fb videos to MP4 without facing any intricacies.

Make Fb Videos Easily Shareable

Sharing Facebook videos on other social platforms may seem like an intricate procedure. However, this task has become easily executable with the help of Facebook video to MP4 converter. By converting and downloading Facebook videos in MP4 format with this online tool, you can easily share them with your friends on Whatsapp or repost them on other social media platforms to entertain your loved ones. The Facebook videos downloaded through this converter are in MP4 format, not creating any hurdles in sharing them.

Is it Legal to Download Facebook Videos Online for Free?

The Facebook videos available on accounts and public pages can be accessed by anyone using this social media platform. Hence, downloading these videos for free in MP4 isn’t illegal as long as the users aren’t getting involved in deceitful acts, such as catfishing and copyright infringement. The Facebook to MP4 converter aims to help you download Fb videos on your device for personal use. It doesn’t promote illegal activities and advises you not to use it for commercial reasons. If you get involved in such an activity, you’ll be solely responsible for the consequences.


Is Fb to MP4 Converter Free?

Yes! The Fb to MP4 converter is a free-of-cost utility. No matter how many videos you need to convert from Facebook to MP4, this tool won’t charge you a single penny. 

How Many Facebook Videos Can I Convert to MP4?

You can convert as many Facebook videos as you desire with the online Facebook video to MP4 converter available on SmallSEOTools. 

Can I Convert a Facebook Video into MP4 That is Longer than 60 Seconds?

Yes! You can convert Facebook videos longer than 60 seconds to MP4 with the Fb to MP4 converter.

Is it Safe to Use a Fb Video to MP4 Converter?

Yes! It is safe to use a Facebook to MP4 converter. This tool doesn’t involve any interrupting or misleading ads that can hurt your experience or device in any way. 

Can I Download Streaming Videos from Facebook to MP4?

The streaming videos on Facebook can be converted to MP4 once they are finished streaming. After a live session has ended and it is made available to watch, you can copy its link and convert it into MP4 with the assistance of an Fb video to MP4 converter.


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