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About Expired Domains Tool Offered By SmallSEOTools

Hundreds and thousands of domains are getting expired every day for various reasons. The webmasters might forget to renew the domains, or they don’t need them anymore. It is generally thought that expired domain names must be useless and they are nothing more than a cluster of deleted domains now. On the contrary, those who are well aware of the SEO tactics and the value of quality backlinks are aware of the fact that these deleted or expired domain names are real money if you know how to use them.

Use Expired Domains Tool to Find Expired Domain Names

If you are looking for an expired domain list for your latest website, you should use an expired domains tool to find suitable expired domains for sale. You can find many expired domains for sale with page authority, domain authority, and good backlinks; and if you are lucky enough to get one that is already well established that will allow you save a lot of time and effort.

Searching suitable expired domain names for a website can often be quite tricky. Why because mostly the domain name that one wants to choose has already been taken and unavailable. If you are involved in SEO for one reason or another, then you must be aware of how important it is to find a domain that describes the nature of your services or business. For instance, if you want to set up a plagiarism checker website then the name should have ‘plagiarism’ and ‘checker’ in it. If you don’t have any success in finding a suitable domain, then you could use an expired domains tool to find the expired domain names.

Expired Domains Tool by SmallSEOTools

The Internet is loaded with tools that you can use to collect expired domain list; however, most of these tools are either not free of cost or they are very complicated. At SmallSEOTools, we offer you quite a unique tool that has made it super easy for our users to find expired domains for sale. If you are lucky enough to find domains with good TF, CF and authority backlinks then it can be valuable to your work.

Our tool is not just handy but also very easy to use. All you have to do is enter a keyword, set filters and click on ‘Search’ button. If there are domains available against the search criteria, then the results that fall into your set filters will be shown to you along with TF, CF, WWW CF, WWW TF, Referring Domains and DA.

While you are searching for recently expired domain names which you might consider buying, you should first conduct expired domain search which you can do manually, or you can take an easy alternate and use our expired domains tool. First, find suitable expired domains for sale, contemplate their potential and then learn how you can buy them. Once you find an appropriate domain name, you can then go to the auction site, or you can purchase the domain directly or place a bid.

We hope that you will enjoy your expired domain search using our tool and can build a good network. The tool is very efficient and completely free to use. The tool is ideal for webmasters and SEOs to help them in the process of purchasing an existing website and then optimize it as per their needs. You don’t always have to start from the scratch to build a website and trying to attract traffic and optimize the site to enhance visibility in search engines. Use an expired domains tool and find yourself an expired domain.

Expired Domains Tool: Why Seek Expired Domains?

It is often thought that expired domain names that rank well in search engines provide SEO advantage. Expired domains are considered to transfer their SEO benefit and favor to other websites.

Why should you consider purchasing expired domain names?

There could be many for seeking expired domain names. Let’s consider a few:

  • Domain Age: In SEO, old age domains give you a slight edge as compared to new domains as per many experts. For instance, it is relatively easier to target and gain a top position in Google’s Search results which was registered a few years ago than a brand new, recently registered domain.
  • Reputation and Web Ranking Factors:Most of the old domains will have a better Google Page Rank, Alexa rank, social media/networking shares and other important web factors. For a new domain, the process to reach that stage can take a lot of time and trouble.
  • Existing Backlinks: Backlinks are essential for the overall performance of a blog or website. But in the case of existing or old domains, there isn’t an immediate need to build new backlinks because they are already available. This will serve as a boosting factor for the expired domain that you have just purchased. However, bad backlinks are likely to backfire.


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