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Compress JPEG

Compress JPEG size with the assistance of the online JPEG compressor. Simply submit the JPG file, hit the “Compress JPEG” button, and download it.

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Up to 20 images, max 5 MB each

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How to Compress JPEG Files?

The users can follow the steps given below to compress JPG files with this JPG file compressor.

  • Firstly, upload the JPG/JPEG files you wish to compress.
  • After that, hit the “Compress JPEG” button to initiate the process.
  • Now! Click the “Download” button to save the compressed files in your device's local storage. 

Reduce Up to 70% File Size with JPG Reducer

This online JPEG Compressor by SmallSEOTools smartly cuts off all the unnecessary elements in your JPG file. The JPG files consist of several bytes and a payload that can increase their size immensely. This online JPG compressor reduces such elements from the user’s file so that the quality of the original image is maintained. At the same time, the size is brought down to as minimum as possible. The JPG compress tool can compress up to 70% of the size of a JPG file. You can reduce the size of your JPG files with this JPG file compressor whenever you want.

Compress JPG Files Without Losing Quality

Compress JPG online utility doesn’t affect the quality of the image uploaded by a user. It uses advanced compression techniques to keep the quality of the original JPG file intact. You can get reduced size images of the same quality with this super-advanced JPEG compressor. Neither the background nor the elements in your JPG file will be affected in terms of quality during its size reduction with this JPG reducer.

Why Compress JPG Files?

There are several reasons why compressing JPG files becomes crucial. You may need to compress JPG files in the following situations. 

  • Improve Website Loading Speed

Uploading large-sized pictures on your website increases the burden on its server, which impacts its loading speed. The sites taking more time to load annoy the visitors. You can compress JPG file size with our online jpg compress tool to avoid such an issue and improve the loading speed of your website.

  • Send Pictures Through Email

If you wish to send a heavy-sized image through email, you can face a restriction on uploading it if it exceeds the given limit, like Gmail allows users to attach a file of up to 25MB. The JPG size compressor is a handy solution to tackle this problem, as it smartly reduces the size of your pictures. It can shrink JPG size and make it easy for you to send pictures through email.

  • Save Space

You might have many images stored on your device, and it may be running out of space. Instead of going through the old pictures and selecting files to delete, you can reduce JPG size with this online JPG reducer. This online JPG compress tool works like magic and allows you to free up space on your smart device. 

Features of Our JPEG Size Compressor

Our JPG file compressor comes with top-notch features that allow you to conduct the JPG compress process without facing any limitations. The main features of this online JPG file size reducer include the following.

  • Unlimited Compression

SmallSEOTools doesn’t impose any restrictions on using its JPEG compressor. You can compress JPG online as often as you want without paying a penny.

  • Fast Compression

The super-fast algorithms of this JPEG Compressor online complete the compression process in seconds.

  • Data Security

The privacy of users is our utmost priority. The JPG files uploaded for compression aren’t stored in the databases of this JPEG Compressor. We also don’t intend to share your pictures with any third-party site. 

  • Compress Multiple JPG Files

The compress JPEG online tool allows its users to compress multiple JPG files in one go. You can compress up to 20 files at max in a single go with this online JPEG compressor.

  • User-friendly Interface

By following simple instructions, you can reduce JPG size with this compress JPEG online tool. Its user-friendly interface makes the compress JPG online process quite easy. You won’t have to follow any convoluted procedure to compress JPG file size with our JPG size reducer.

How Does the JPG File Size Reducer Work?

The backend of the JPG file compressor is based on an advanced mechanism that uses lossy and lossless compression methods to bring down the size of JPG files. As the users upload their files on this compress JPEG tool, it uses cutting-edge technology to remove unnecessary elements and reduce JPG file size as much as possible. This JPG compress tool generates compressed versions of the JPG files submitted by users and presents them on their screens instantaneously. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Reduce the File Size of A JPG File?

The following instructions allow you to reduce the size of a JPG file.

  • Submit the JPG file.
  • Hit the “Compress JPEG” button.
  • Get your hands on a compressed JPG file instantly.
  • Hit the download button to save it on your device.
  • Which Image Formats Can I Upload for Online Compression?

The JPG compressor allows you to upload pictures in JPG format for online compression.

  • What Is the Maximum Image Size I Can Upload?

You can upload up to a 50 MB image size file on this JPG compressor.

  • How to Reduce JPG Size in Windows 10 Or Mac?

You can reduce JPG file size in Windows 10 or Mac by visiting this page through your device’s default browser. After that, you can upload the JPG files from the local or cloud storage account and click the “Compress JPEG” button. 

  • How Many Images Can I Compress Once at A Time?

You can compress up to 20 images simultaneously with this online JPG compressor.

  • Can I Compress JPEGs on My Mobile?

Compressing JPGs on your mobile isn’t a hectic task any more. You can access the JPG size reducer through the web browser on your smartphone. After that, you need to instruct the Compress JPEG tool to start processing by tapping the “Compress JPEG” button.



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